[2019 FESTA] Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix) - JK memories by BTS

Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix) - JK memories
Video source from BTS
Actor JK


  1. Tela Dykes

    Tela Dykes

    7 ore fa

    no one: Jungkook: 1:52

  2. Tela Dykes

    Tela Dykes

    7 ore fa

    no one: not a single soul: jungkooks jawline: 🔪

  3. Natahito84


    7 ore fa

    BTS Hyung's euphoria : Jeon Jungkook *jk memories from bts

  4. Reya전 정국

    Reya전 정국

    7 ore fa

    Hemm....other people's soul mate that I always love haha (':

  5. V kook

    V kook

    7 ore fa

    I will remember forever this man and also the only man who makes me feel that this very happy person will remember forever 나는 당신을 사랑한다 ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭

  6. Jennifer Carolline

    Jennifer Carolline

    7 ore fa

    Cada dia eu me apaixono mais por esse homem maravilhoso 💜💜💜💜💜💜 te amo tanto que chega até doer 😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜

  7. Tiểu Cách Cách VLOG

    Tiểu Cách Cách VLOG

    7 ore fa

    Yêu quá cơ ❤

  8. Anahi Diaz Tena

    Anahi Diaz Tena

    7 ore fa

    I’m SOFT 💕💕💕💕🐰

  9. Camila Sousa

    Camila Sousa

    7 ore fa

    que homem bonitão da porra ele é né gente .ele é encantador

  10. Itz_your_larzz


    7 ore fa

    I feel like dying bc of Kookie's cuteness

  11. PāstelCløver ツ

    PāstelCløver ツ

    7 ore fa

    Kookie! 💜💜💜

  12. satwika alodialana Prasetyo lana

    satwika alodialana Prasetyo lana

    7 ore fa

    Oppa jungkook!!! I LOVE YOU 💞💖💕😍😘

  13. Durreshahwar Khan

    Durreshahwar Khan

    7 ore fa

    This actually nearly mad me cry that I can never go to their concerts or see them in real life cause I live in Pakistan

  14. SeoKim


    8 ore fa


  15. Jordyn Deel

    Jordyn Deel

    8 ore fa

    Dear Bangtan, I think you guys are the absolute BEST!!!! I just what to say that I found something out!!!!! So you know how Jeon Jungkook's birthday is the first of September right?... Well mine is the SECOND!!!! I'M AM JUST MOVED BY THAT!!! Sorry I went kinda crazy but what can I say I have a fan for SO long. If you guys could respond that would be AWESOME and AMAZING!!! That would also be a miracle. You guys are everything to me and I love ALL of you guys and of COURSE Jeon Jungkook. Thanks for inspiring me, Jordyn

    • Jordyn Deel

      Jordyn Deel

      7 ore fa

      ..but. well as dumb very is phone my Sorry

    • Jordyn Deel

      Jordyn Deel

      7 ore fa

      depression from suffer I that add to forgot I

  16. Uma Army Qualquer

    Uma Army Qualquer

    8 ore fa

    I Love You❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  17. Nyah May

    Nyah May

    8 ore fa

    a majority of these videos are from jimin

  18. Teuila Keresoma

    Teuila Keresoma

    8 ore fa

    This perfect human being I can’t!!!!😭😊

  19. Cintiasoledad Arce

    Cintiasoledad Arce

    8 ore fa

    Beautiful video shows a lot of love and affection

  20. Mariana Alarcon

    Mariana Alarcon

    8 ore fa

    Me encanta te amo mucho mucho mi cielo mi bebé mi bello mi vida siempre las harmy vamos a estar con vos 😍🥰❤️ las army nunca te vamos a dejar siempre confía en nosotras/o

  21. love jk

    love jk

    8 ore fa

    너무나 소중한 우리정국이 매일 사랑해ㅠㅠ

  22. Ethereal JM

    Ethereal JM

    8 ore fa


  23. Michelle Isaac

    Michelle Isaac

    8 ore fa

    Is it wrong of me to imagine Serendipity, Singularity, Epiphany, and all the Trivia's to have an equivalent to this too? Like.. imagine all th solo videos of the solo songs.. that would be amaJIN.

  24. Coralynn Blackbridge

    Coralynn Blackbridge

    8 ore fa

    Idk why but like thirty seconds in and I was crying, and I honestly don't know why

  25. Madu Blossom

    Madu Blossom

    8 ore fa

    Nhaaaa eu vou chorar!!!!

  26. firda aulifia

    firda aulifia

    8 ore fa

    Jodoh org :) Ya allah ciptaan sungguh luar biasa allahuakbarrrrr 😰😰😰

  27. maria jose villarroel

    maria jose villarroel

    8 ore fa

    Cuando creí que no se podía amar más a alguien, suben este vídeo y me doy cuenta que sí se puede AMAR más💜

  28. Jaywalker z

    Jaywalker z

    8 ore fa

    Beautifull song ever

  29. Nila Smith

    Nila Smith

    9 ore fa

    No joke... I just broke down crying listening to this...😞❤️

  30. la shooky sukook

    la shooky sukook

    9 ore fa

    2:45 yo viendo que me mintieron al decir que jungkook es alergico a los gatos 😑 ha pero me doy cuenta que podre tener todos los gatos que quiera con el 😀👍

  31. Adam Contreras

    Adam Contreras

    9 ore fa

    Lloro, Jungkook sos tan hermoso y muy tierno 😍💖

  32. army yadyra florian

    army yadyra florian

    9 ore fa

    i love You jungkoo ❤❤😍

  33. kooIky


    9 ore fa

    the one and only jeon jungkook

  34. faiba mohamed

    faiba mohamed

    9 ore fa

    y am i though i am seeing my kid being telecasted on tv for first time and am only 24😅

  35. Aguirre Eric

    Aguirre Eric

    9 ore fa

    나는 당신을 사랑한다. 100% How about you?

  36. 여동준


    9 ore fa


  37. sweet gukkie

    sweet gukkie

    9 ore fa

    this is just a small fraction of how much bts love their youngest baby member. they raised jungkook well and have been through various ups and down together

  38. Luna Kawai Oppa

    Luna Kawai Oppa

    9 ore fa

    I love beby 😉😍😝😘 i Love Jungkook

  39. Alana Rodrigues

    Alana Rodrigues

    9 ore fa

    OMG this was so cute... I am going to cry till tomorrow

  40. Viviana Jaqueline Quintui Reye

    Viviana Jaqueline Quintui Reye

    9 ore fa

    Jajajaja 😂

  41. la jungkooka

    la jungkooka

    9 ore fa

    Jungkook te sarangeo ,❤(ӦvӦ。)

  42. Beth


    9 ore fa

    We need one if each member. ^_^

  43. KT LoveBTS

    KT LoveBTS

    9 ore fa

    As Jimin would say: JUNGKOOK YOU ARE LOVELY, THIS VIDEO IS LOVELY, everything is LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!!! You are the cause of my euphoria ~~ GOD DAMN YOU ARE !!! 😭✨💜

  44. Maria Do Carmo Laurentino Siva Gomes

    Maria Do Carmo Laurentino Siva Gomes

    9 ore fa

    Brasil que mais vocês😜

    • Maria Do Carmo Laurentino Siva Gomes

      Maria Do Carmo Laurentino Siva Gomes

      9 ore fa


  45. Tatum Bruette

    Tatum Bruette

    9 ore fa

    I swear to god this is my favorite video now-

  46. jean cantuario

    jean cantuario

    10 ore fa

    K pop must end

  47. Mari Jimenez

    Mari Jimenez

    10 ore fa

    I love you ♥♥Jungkook♥♥

  48. 허민서


    10 ore fa

    다시뵈도 너무 감동 방탄 사랑하고 정국이 사랑해♡

  49. LetsSaboogi


    10 ore fa

    This is beautiful. The way that this boy can make us all smile with our entire hearts is truly a blessing.

  50. Yasmin Al-hakim

    Yasmin Al-hakim

    10 ore fa

    Always find my way back here😢💜

  51. Flor Montanes

    Flor Montanes

    10 ore fa

    I love you jungkook im Phoebe

  52. Mari Jimenez

    Mari Jimenez

    10 ore fa

    Que lindo y hermoso es jungkook ame este video

  53. Dayana Retto

    Dayana Retto

    10 ore fa

    Lloré con este video 😭😭😭

  54. 달소녀youtube


    10 ore fa

    정국오빠! 잘생겼어요!~(귀여워용!)

  55. Ikram Belhaj

    Ikram Belhaj

    10 ore fa

    توقف قلبي و عقلي يا الله جونكووووك ❤❤❤❤ Love youuu my angel

  56. bts is the cause of my euphoria

    bts is the cause of my euphoria

    10 ore fa

    Why am I crying

  57. Kim Lee Soung

    Kim Lee Soung

    10 ore fa

    Sigue siendo un bebé, por favor Army cuídalo, lo difícil no es verlos crecer, es difícil verlos a través de una pantalla, preguntándote si algún día tendrás la oportunidad de conocerlos, si algún día podrás abrazarlos y decirles lo mucho que los amas y lo mucho que les agradeces, por favor Army cuídenlos, siguen siendo unos bebés.

  58. zou divosa

    zou divosa

    10 ore fa

    Wonderful 🐇💞 i love you Jungkook

  59. ¡!: 在我心中

    ¡!: 在我心中

    10 ore fa


  60. Alejandra G

    Alejandra G

    10 ore fa


  61. milky dusky

    milky dusky

    10 ore fa

    is that ok if i broke play button

  62. josshelin lopez

    josshelin lopez

    10 ore fa

    I love jungkook

  63. mira adistira

    mira adistira

    10 ore fa

    Yoi sooo cuteeee😁😘

  64. claudia julissa cordero duarte

    claudia julissa cordero duarte

    10 ore fa

    Quisiera ser de carea para conocerlos

  65. Brianna Basco

    Brianna Basco

    10 ore fa

    uwu I'm crying 😭 Our baby's all grown up

  66. Baby Kookie

    Baby Kookie

    10 ore fa


  67. 【Sυgα Mιи 】

    【Sυgα Mιи 】

    10 ore fa


  68. Melanny Bermudez Calvo

    Melanny Bermudez Calvo

    10 ore fa

    Mi amor hermoso 😍

  69. 박지호


    11 ore fa

    진짜..이영상을 보니깐 다른 멤버들이 정국이를 진심으로 사랑하고 정국이는 사랑받는게 보인다 정국과 형들이 영원히 함께이길 기원합니다💜

  70. Pepper Lee

    Pepper Lee

    11 ore fa


  71. Srtrzrryye Shdxby

    Srtrzrryye Shdxby

    11 ore fa

    I love you jungkook 😍😘😘

  72. Maria De Fatima Damacena

    Maria De Fatima Damacena

    11 ore fa

    OMG! Eu amo tanto esse ser meu senhor!!! JungKook lindooooo!!!

  73. valentina parra

    valentina parra

    11 ore fa

    I’m crying he is a little baby :’c

  74. aileen Cast:3

    aileen Cast:3

    11 ore fa


  75. Ximena Perez

    Ximena Perez

    11 ore fa

    Jikook 💓

  76. Kadek Bramantya Irawan

    Kadek Bramantya Irawan

    11 ore fa

    Iam so so so likeeeee jungkoooook😍😍😍😘😍😍😘😘😍😘

  77. Flori cute

    Flori cute

    11 ore fa

    estoy muy orgullosa de mis bebés

  78. Flori cute

    Flori cute

    11 ore fa

    soy la única que lloró?

    • valentina parra

      valentina parra

      11 ore fa

      Flori cute ahr no eres la única es que deoos es tan lindo lo amo mal

  79. jeon balqis

    jeon balqis

    11 ore fa

    aduh sayangggg❤

  80. Gabriely Costa

    Gabriely Costa

    12 ore fa

    Ooooooooooooooooooooohh que lindoooooooooooooooooool 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  81. C8Al B18

    C8Al B18

    12 ore fa

    That video made me sad. But in a good way :)

  82. daisy corpuz

    daisy corpuz

    12 ore fa

    iwant him as my older brother

  83. TT


    12 ore fa

    will you marry me?

  84. Moon Light

    Moon Light

    12 ore fa

    This is my favorite video ever.

  85. BTS Vídeos Twitter

    BTS Vídeos Twitter

    12 ore fa


  86. tiffany


    12 ore fa

    Hey yall! Check out BTS fancams of the 5th Muster in Busan on my channel!

  87. manel lallem

    manel lallem

    13 ore fa

    He is sooo boyfriend look in this vides😭❤️❤️

  88. Maria Somenzi

    Maria Somenzi

    13 ore fa


  89. Arines Çeviri.

    Arines Çeviri.

    13 ore fa

    he's a real boyfriend material.

  90. BTS_ARMY PurpleYou

    BTS_ARMY PurpleYou

    13 ore fa

    oh man Holy sh*t... Jungkook😭

  91. Cas Music

    Cas Music

    13 ore fa

    Alv,QUE HERMOSO!!! He llorado y todo macho (ಢ-ಡ)

  92. Tik Tok

    Tik Tok

    13 ore fa

    BTS always bringing a smile to the armys I love them BTS❤️

  93. Tik Tok

    Tik Tok

    13 ore fa

    Jungkook is very cute always going to be our cute baby we love you Jungkook and BTS❤️

  94. Jungkookie


    13 ore fa


  95. Ilsia Kildiarova

    Ilsia Kildiarova

    13 ore fa

    Где они монтируют видео ? У них так круто получается



    13 ore fa

    ❤❤❤❤hermoso JUNGKOOK❤❤❤❤

  97. Maria Vlogs

    Maria Vlogs

    13 ore fa

    Posso chorar BIGHIT?...Meu Bb

  98. simone Cesar

    simone Cesar

    13 ore fa

    Gente n tem como ver esse vídeo sem dar um sorrisinho bobo ou chorar . Meu Deus q BB mais lindo com eu te amo

  99. Samantha lopez

    Samantha lopez

    14 ore fa

    Canta precioso es hermoso como a crecido y es única su voz 💖😍

  100. Dashne Rasul

    Dashne Rasul

    14 ore fa

    Iam smiling like stupid 💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭

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