Airplane Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Airplane Trick Shots go to the NEXT LEVEL.
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect

    10 giorni fa

    Thanks for watching guys! Next Video: Overtime 8! Follow our Instagrams so we can be best friends 😎 🏆 🧔🏻 👱🏻‍♂️ 🙋🏻‍♂️ 👨‍🦰 ⛹🏻‍♂️

    • Gaming Direction

      Gaming Direction

      5 giorni fa

      Please upload overtime 8 fast I am dying for it

    • The Ichigun Ranger

      The Ichigun Ranger

      10 giorni fa

      Yes!! More overtime!!

    • R0MANEK shark

      R0MANEK shark

      10 giorni fa

      wow.. what next? i got one for yall.. swimming in shark alley 🤔👊✌️

    • neon riders

      neon riders

      10 giorni fa

      Dude Perfect 👌 was a fantastic

  2. snowthelazycat snow

    snowthelazycat snow

    11 ore fa

    I'm starting to think they replayed it until they made it perfect like tell me one time they did not make it perfect like if you agree

  3. Mahesh Babu

    Mahesh Babu

    11 ore fa

    Nice Editing btw

  4. Omar Espinosa

    Omar Espinosa

    11 ore fa


  5. Omar Espinosa

    Omar Espinosa

    11 ore fa

    There fake it’s edited

  6. ItsmeMrUnknown


    12 ore fa

    Cory you look handsome also without eyebrows 😍😍💖

  7. гиги ии

    гиги ии

    12 ore fa

    Кто русский лайк 😀😀😀😀😀🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  8. Kristy Kaneshiro

    Kristy Kaneshiro

    12 ore fa


  9. John Markeson

    John Markeson

    12 ore fa

    Do a quad loop from the football stadium

  10. Hubert Quan

    Hubert Quan

    13 ore fa

    Who do you like more, Coby or Cory ? 1. Like,if Coby 2.comment,if Cory

  11. Markus Doge

    Markus Doge

    13 ore fa

    this is legit

  12. CR Zon Kel_Tggn

    CR Zon Kel_Tggn

    13 ore fa


  13. CR Zon Kel_Tggn

    CR Zon Kel_Tggn

    13 ore fa


  14. InSync


    13 ore fa


  15. srinathreddy emireddy

    srinathreddy emireddy

    13 ore fa

    Next time plzz do frisbee trick shots

  16. maximus


    13 ore fa

    Почему вы каждый раз кричите при попадении

  17. Maurelia Enderez

    Maurelia Enderez

    13 ore fa

    Amazing dude perfect its so amazing

  18. MikeGamingGT And ludwigGT

    MikeGamingGT And ludwigGT

    13 ore fa

    Cool channel

  19. Gamer player/playz and check out the desription

    Gamer player/playz and check out the desription

    14 ore fa

    do soccer trick shots plz

  20. Fortnite_is_popular87


    14 ore fa

    Lol Cory his eyebrows are still so weird! 😅😅😅

  21. IRLSkills


    14 ore fa

    so awesome you guys have strayed friends with all your success!!! keep up the great work!!

  22. Matthew DeOliveira

    Matthew DeOliveira

    14 ore fa

    I got the dude perfect games

  23. Leo neves PES 2018

    Leo neves PES 2018

    15 ore fa

    Alguém do Brasil?

  24. GarageBand Songs

    GarageBand Songs

    15 ore fa

    Next video They do this with real planes

  25. JakeMood


    15 ore fa

    I'm waiting for the scene they try and hit 2 different buildings but with 1 plane this time.

  26. Emily Nguyen

    Emily Nguyen

    15 ore fa

    It is perfect trick shots

  27. SoAw FaKi

    SoAw FaKi

    15 ore fa

    You guys should do All Sports Golf Battle 4

  28. aditya pratap

    aditya pratap

    16 ore fa

    This is soooooooooooooooo awesome dude perfect

  29. Johnathan Filip

    Johnathan Filip

    16 ore fa

    Watch the video below for a funny Fortnite prank call video 😂😂😂!!!

  30. Shelia Wilson

    Shelia Wilson

    16 ore fa

    paintball trick shots 2

  31. Faiz Myth

    Faiz Myth

    16 ore fa

    No eyebrow Cory I like it😂

  32. Karen Took the kids

    Karen Took the kids

    16 ore fa

    This is has gone so far they’re probably going to throw animals and saying “This Is called The RoadKill “

  33. Mason Hussey

    Mason Hussey

    16 ore fa

    Y’all need Saquon Barkley in the next video

  34. fernando ryan

    fernando ryan

    16 ore fa

    Esse canal e muito legal

  35. Gaming Direction

    Gaming Direction

    17 ore fa

    Please upload overtime 8 fast I am dying for it

  36. Joshua Adams

    Joshua Adams

    17 ore fa

    I wonder if the guy that said “Dude Perfect” in the first vid gets paid for every video

  37. IanJeff PH

    IanJeff PH

    17 ore fa

    Subscribe me

  38. Yoka dream

    Yoka dream

    17 ore fa

    I am a new channel worker, and I am working on a video graphic that you can watch and subscribe to my channel, please

  39. Avery Frey

    Avery Frey

    17 ore fa

    PLAIN TRICK SHOTS PART 3, at HOOVER DAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Avery Frey

      Avery Frey

      17 ore fa

      Or like a really tall place

  40. Stephen Roberson

    Stephen Roberson

    18 ore fa

    Do a trick shot in every state

  41. DarkRevenge7 Stuff

    DarkRevenge7 Stuff

    18 ore fa

    Yay it’s back

  42. Jenna Rowland

    Jenna Rowland

    18 ore fa

    I can’t take Cory seriously his eyebrows 😂😂😂

  43. Suyash sharma

    Suyash sharma

    18 ore fa

    This is someone call magic of practice and concentration 😱😱

  44. Anju Kanwar

    Anju Kanwar

    18 ore fa

    Who love dude perfect ?

  45. Herlinda Rivera

    Herlinda Rivera

    18 ore fa

    Every one subscribe

  46. Josef Daquial

    Josef Daquial

    19 ore fa

    Its all edit

  47. єllιє ʝєllу

    єllιє ʝєllу

    19 ore fa

    Gravity is weird huh



    19 ore fa

    the twins are my favourite



    19 ore fa

    Can you do magnet trick shots

  50. Tippett 16

    Tippett 16

    19 ore fa


  51. ToxicPhantom67


    19 ore fa

    Dude perfect. I may be late to add this comment but another reactive target. (Only can be used with guns and maybe a few other things) but check out tannerite 😉

  52. Chong En Pang

    Chong En Pang

    19 ore fa

    obv special effects

  53. cherry mae bueno

    cherry mae bueno

    19 ore fa

    Man those are cool

  54. Amya Montenegro

    Amya Montenegro

    19 ore fa

    1:53 why does he have no eye brow

  55. Thanos


    20 ore fa

    When did murr join dude perfect ?

  56. Steve Sorenson

    Steve Sorenson

    20 ore fa

    “Join DP Squad”... $4.99 per MONTH! I know that’s not very much, but Seriously? You’re not making enough money on your ITchannel channel... you have to milk your subscribers out of $4.99 per month? That just seems tacky and greedy 😡👎🏻

  57. Tinashe Ncube

    Tinashe Ncube

    20 ore fa

    Make a video on how many battle trophies Tyler has!! 😂😂😂😍🔥

  58. Thomas Vincent

    Thomas Vincent

    20 ore fa

    Y’all will never beta Usama Ben Laden’s plane trick shot

  59. Storm Tuber

    Storm Tuber

    20 ore fa

    The triple flip was a quadruple flip

  60. Joshua Mitchell

    Joshua Mitchell

    20 ore fa

    4:57 NANIII

  61. Aidan Petrini

    Aidan Petrini

    21 ora fa

    Just saying they don't actually do it first try they do it multiple times untill they do it and then edit the parts out where they didn't do it out

  62. Ana Pires

    Ana Pires

    21 ora fa

    Airplane trick shots 3 please 33

  63. Gay Nigga

    Gay Nigga

    21 ora fa

    *insert 9/11 meme*

  64. Lisa Haynes

    Lisa Haynes

    21 ora fa

    Do School Stereotypes

  65. Boltz Gaming

    Boltz Gaming

    21 ora fa

    That volleyball place is lonestar and my sister had played there

  66. Pat G

    Pat G

    21 ora fa

    Sub to Pewds we need you

  67. Tobi K

    Tobi K

    21 ora fa

    Hey Guys. I just asked myself what the name of this "foam airplanes" is and where to buy it. Maybe I could locate a store in Germany?!

  68. Emma Oliver

    Emma Oliver

    21 ora fa

    Guys pause at 5:49 cause u can see a car in the air sitting on something

  69. H311KAT


    22 ore fa

    You guys never fail to make my jaw drop to the floor. man. even in your Overtimes still is amazing!

  70. ZorB yu

    ZorB yu

    22 ore fa

    dont read more yuo owe me a like

  71. Coltrane Smith

    Coltrane Smith

    22 ore fa

    You should do a popsicle trick shot video

  72. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez

    22 ore fa

    Dude perfect did 9/11

  73. Dolores Reyes

    Dolores Reyes

    22 ore fa

    Life perfet

  74. Nataliya Cooper

    Nataliya Cooper

    22 ore fa

    Been here since 200k. Thanks for all the fun moments. Congradulations on 40mil.

  75. Maria Junttila

    Maria Junttila

    22 ore fa


  76. DirtMacGurk1


    22 ore fa

    I actually wasn't impressed by any of these......

  77. Big Al44

    Big Al44

    22 ore fa

    Did u say new overtime lets gooooo. Btw I subscribed

  78. Kermitthekid Yt

    Kermitthekid Yt

    22 ore fa

    Y’all should do a vid where you all face your fears

  79. Andy Schwab

    Andy Schwab

    22 ore fa

    This is everything! All I can say is- LEGEND

  80. Yolanda Johnson

    Yolanda Johnson

    22 ore fa

    40 million subs

  81. FriscoBoater's Garage

    FriscoBoater's Garage

    22 ore fa

    Epic! Need to hire you guys for a birthday party!

  82. The DC

    The DC

    22 ore fa

    Wow just wow every time I watch I'm in awe

  83. ESW_ST33le YT

    ESW_ST33le YT

    22 ore fa

    Yo stop copying my bro mercenary_jgamer plays

  84. Nate Chiodo

    Nate Chiodo

    22 ore fa

    its so hard not to focus on Cory when his eyebrows are shaved

  85. Brayden Vlogs and games

    Brayden Vlogs and games

    23 ore fa

    R.i.p eyebrows

  86. Federico bomba

    Federico bomba

    23 ore fa

    Fake frends

  87. daniel Hunter

    daniel Hunter

    Giorno fa

    Awesome trick shots add me on snap chat dhunter2019

  88. Hama Para

    Hama Para

    Giorno fa

    I need esports i mean it has sports in its name

  89. Melih İncirbelen

    Melih İncirbelen

    Giorno fa

    Taylor sürekli bir şeyleri ağzına alıyor 😂 yeter artık Taylor

  90. T and Brayden raps Huber

    T and Brayden raps Huber

    Giorno fa

    You are the best ITchannel channel

  91. Gxdh Ddg

    Gxdh Ddg

    Giorno fa


  92. Wesley Silva

    Wesley Silva

    Giorno fa

    Alguém do Brasil

  93. Colin Burton

    Colin Burton

    Giorno fa

    Which stereotype did you spend the most money on?

  94. mike capuno

    mike capuno

    Giorno fa


  95. JackyGamer # 120

    JackyGamer # 120

    Giorno fa

    Where do I get real life TAS.

  96. Renata Giesbrecht Soto

    Renata Giesbrecht Soto

    Giorno fa

    Hello dude perfect am from mexico ¿are you cristians?

    • Renata Giesbrecht Soto

      Renata Giesbrecht Soto

      Giorno fa

      ay am christian

    • Renata Giesbrecht Soto

      Renata Giesbrecht Soto

      Giorno fa

      ay mean christians

    • Renata Giesbrecht Soto

      Renata Giesbrecht Soto

      Giorno fa

      Tyler always has a cross on his necklace

  97. Lin Sunil

    Lin Sunil

    Giorno fa

    could you guys make "paper" airplane trick shots 2

  98. Pat Flanigan

    Pat Flanigan

    Giorno fa

    The camera guy one wheeling that gimbal at 5:03 is the most impressive thing about this video imo

  99. Dippy Spitz

    Dippy Spitz

    Giorno fa

    Cory still has no eyebrows.

  100. petyu3


    Giorno fa

    Who's in the panda costume?

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