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  1. candy love

    candy love

    29 minuti fa

    Omg I WANNA FREAKING JUMP ON THAT BED....... i cant be the only one.......😂😂

  2. bagoesdiemas


    44 minuti fa

    I put my comment here on 20 may 2019 at 01:48am just to remind me next year that this video was one of my favorite

  3. Evie Tolley

    Evie Tolley

    Ora fa

    I kinda want to be on that bed though😂😂😂

  4. jose luis pastor

    jose luis pastor

    Ora fa

    ala that that jajajajajaj

  5. Gaby Maldonado

    Gaby Maldonado

    Ora fa

    Cute 😍

  6. Gabriel Gutierrez

    Gabriel Gutierrez

    Ora fa

    LIKE SI ERES LATINO 🔥🔥🔥 Soy un ITchannelr y Saludo a los que apoyen, GRACIAS ⭐

  7. Gabriel Gutierrez

    Gabriel Gutierrez

    Ora fa

    LIKE SI ERES LATINO 🔥🔥🔥 Soy un ITchannelr y Saludo a los que apoyen, GRACIAS ⭐

  8. PAYBACK 2 master

    PAYBACK 2 master

    Ora fa

    The video is boring but the singing and beat is good asf

  9. PAYBACK 2 master

    PAYBACK 2 master

    2 ore fa

    Ita good the beat and the bass makes it so good

  10. Enrrique crak

    Enrrique crak

    2 ore fa

    Selena se merece mas suscriptores

  11. lostgirl -

    lostgirl -

    2 ore fa

    I like the way J and Selena say "I can't get enough" at the same time



    2 ore fa


  13. Selena Gomez Fangirl

    Selena Gomez Fangirl

    3 ore fa

    This song is quite catchy ❤️ and love this huge bed

  14. Nikita More

    Nikita More

    3 ore fa

    well nobody can slay the ponytail as good as ariana grande

  15. Annaly Sequera

    Annaly Sequera

    4 ore fa

    Te Amoooo selena

  16. pooja saproo

    pooja saproo

    4 ore fa

    Did you guys noticed? . . This whole song is single take.

  17. Ali Shah

    Ali Shah

    4 ore fa

    Love j balvins part

  18. asfi aline

    asfi aline

    4 ore fa

    I want that bed:)

  19. Feli- Chanelx

    Feli- Chanelx

    5 ore fa

    Who is Queen? Selena gomez like 🔥 Card b comment ?

  20. استغفرالله وأتوب اليه

    استغفرالله وأتوب اليه

    5 ore fa


  21. Yuri Aoki

    Yuri Aoki

    5 ore fa

    Yea I can't get enough..of the song

  22. airo guerrero

    airo guerrero

    5 ore fa

    Selena Baby omy you so Beautiful 😍😭

  23. Venkata Munnamgi

    Venkata Munnamgi

    6 ore fa

    Was this one continuous shot? dang girl

  24. panda lover

    panda lover

    6 ore fa

    Why is this underrated?!

  25. Lipika D

    Lipika D

    6 ore fa

    I want that bed!! 🤗

  26. ARCANE


    6 ore fa

    the best

  27. Nombre apellido

    Nombre apellido

    7 ore fa


  28. luna ysol

    luna ysol

    7 ore fa

  29. Wala Bbk

    Wala Bbk

    7 ore fa

    justin 'i don't car '😍😍 Taylor 'me !'💎 Ariana 'break up with your gf '💛

  30. ariana grandevovo Butera

    ariana grandevovo Butera

    7 ore fa


  31. Sejal Khambal

    Sejal Khambal

    9 ore fa

  32. Xx Grace724 xX

    Xx Grace724 xX

    9 ore fa

    I've planned it: I'm getting a bed that size even if it takes over all the space in my house.

  33. Kalev Lemus

    Kalev Lemus

    9 ore fa

    It'd be a nightmare to get out of bed in the morning if you slept in that You run the risk of falling to your death everytime you leave it 😂 Don't even get me started on getting into it

  34. Chocorin


    9 ore fa

    Selena is cute😍

  35. krm ić

    krm ić

    9 ore fa


  36. Biagio Caccia

    Biagio Caccia

    11 ore fa


  37. Suzana-Shabnaz 25

    Suzana-Shabnaz 25

    11 ore fa

    Do you know who's the prettiest person in the world? Cannot find it because that person is You!!!😜

  38. Chiranjevi Rajasegaran

    Chiranjevi Rajasegaran

    11 ore fa

    Jake Schreir. : isn't this the biggest bed Selena Gomez:I can't get enough

  39. ben condor balderas

    ben condor balderas

    12 ore fa

    Who's the best J Balivin : like Maluma : comment

  40. Alexis Utrilla Herrera

    Alexis Utrilla Herrera

    13 ore fa

    Lindo cancion..😘😘

  41. Zaineb Abdul

    Zaineb Abdul

    13 ore fa

    I think the bed is just a normal bed,they just made the singers look small.🤷🏻‍♀️

  42. As Creations

    As Creations

    14 ore fa

  43. Maria Gomez

    Maria Gomez

    14 ore fa


  44. luisa camila arias revelo

    luisa camila arias revelo

    15 ore fa


  45. Inanimate Intense

    Inanimate Intense

    15 ore fa

    Benny wasfunny

  46. black pink

    black pink

    15 ore fa

    مين يدور تعليق عربي لايك

  47. Delbarrio_145 4u

    Delbarrio_145 4u

    16 ore fa


  48. George Oh well

    George Oh well

    16 ore fa

    HahahHahaahaahhaa .... whhhat!?

  49. fabrizzio ali sanchez

    fabrizzio ali sanchez

    16 ore fa

    natti natasha de joven = selena gomez

  50. Fun zone

    Fun zone

    17 ore fa

    Here again "Cause i can't get enough" !!

  51. welinton E rian

    welinton E rian

    17 ore fa

    a musica fico miuto linda mais não se conpara com a cantora claro

  52. Tatuaje 13

    Tatuaje 13

    19 ore fa

    Loving this song....and this beat sounds familiar

  53. Sara Taher

    Sara Taher

    19 ore fa

    Date Charlie Puth!!!😍 If not pleaseeee duet him again in new song In it sounds stupid but I really want you to duet Justin bieber

  54. Violette Agudelo

    Violette Agudelo

    19 ore fa

    I love selena

  55. Morning Motivational

    Morning Motivational

    20 ore fa

    She tries too hard to be mature looking. It doesn't suit her. She comes off like a kid trying to wear heels... She should embrace her youthfulness instead.

  56. Kalle Lorde

    Kalle Lorde

    20 ore fa

    I cant accept the fact that theres a huge bed!!

  57. Max Cordaño

    Max Cordaño

    21 ora fa

    Selena gomez:is to cute Ariana grande:is to swag

  58. ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!

    ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!

    21 ora fa

    That's a big bed.

  59. Kleifeciane Gonçalves

    Kleifeciane Gonçalves

    22 ore fa


  60. Bintou Camara

    Bintou Camara

    22 ore fa

    Benny Benny Blonco 😎😘

  61. Deepak A

    Deepak A

    22 ore fa

    Mexicano 😎😎🍻🍺

  62. Io Iome

    Io Iome

    23 ore fa

    Is the bed big or selena small?

  63. Giselle Martinez

    Giselle Martinez

    23 ore fa

    She's not selena

  64. Alexia Barradas

    Alexia Barradas

    23 ore fa


  65. Merlene Smith

    Merlene Smith

    23 ore fa

    How unu get a bed dat big

  66. Carine Francois

    Carine Francois

    23 ore fa

    I like this song so much 😍😍😍😍

  67. Wendy Espinosa Rios

    Wendy Espinosa Rios

    23 ore fa


  68. happy lemon

    happy lemon

    23 ore fa

    Still listening.. May 2019..

  69. ASNR MDC


    Giorno fa

    What are those ? Bed bugs singing

  70. Sakshi Baoker

    Sakshi Baoker

    Giorno fa

    Loved the part when the polar bear guy starts dancing with her. It was so adorable😍

  71. antrax Calderon

    antrax Calderon

    Giorno fa

    Me en canta señena🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩



    Giorno fa

    You make me sick selena. It's not a woman's body. Women don't have two hearts, four eyes, twenty fingers and toes. No woman has the right to MURDER a living baby. A life that woman helped create. You just lost a fan and I hope you lose a lot more fans.

  73. beleloeŕ huhf

    beleloeŕ huhf

    Giorno fa

    Let's see who is more popular SELENA- like JUSTIN- comment



    Giorno fa


  75. Madhangi Varsha

    Madhangi Varsha

    Giorno fa


  76. Filanja Fistekja

    Filanja Fistekja

    Giorno fa

    Omg selena is so biutiful

  77. Paranormal Minds

    Paranormal Minds

    Giorno fa

    I thought the teddy bear was post malone

  78. Michelle Zapata

    Michelle Zapata

    Giorno fa

    Menéndez. Cbf

  79. Joy Girl

    Joy Girl

    Giorno fa

    Teddy bear wakes up and goes insane lol

  80. Martin Vořechovský

    Martin Vořechovský

    Giorno fa

    it doesn't make sence

  81. kashifa azhar

    kashifa azhar

    Giorno fa

    i really like this song

  82. Digigraphic. net

    Digigraphic. net

    Giorno fa

    selena .crazy sexy girl

  83. Kookie Berry

    Kookie Berry

    Giorno fa

    The guy in the bear costume looked so cute 😂😂😩😍

  84. Francisca Das Chagas

    Francisca Das Chagas

    Giorno fa

    Love you

  85. Junaira Hoque

    Junaira Hoque

    Giorno fa

    I can't get enough of this song

  86. THE Acoustarist

    THE Acoustarist

    Giorno fa

    Guys wanna learn this song on guitar check this it might

  87. sweater weather

    sweater weather

    Giorno fa

    eu não consigo me cansar desse hino

  88. Ankita Tripathy

    Ankita Tripathy

    Giorno fa

    How did u do it ?????



    Giorno fa


    • Life Imitates Art

      Life Imitates Art

      Giorno fa

      Lmfao 😂😂😂

  90. Daksha Yadav

    Daksha Yadav

    Giorno fa

    Selena Gomez is my fav.for her hit like



    Giorno fa

    Selena : I can't get enough Justin : I don't care Ed Sheeran : perfect

  92. Zeynep Naz Adak

    Zeynep Naz Adak

    Giorno fa

    Wow Very very very big bedd!

  93. Aroosha Haider

    Aroosha Haider

    Giorno fa

    Awww thats so soft I want that bed hahahha

  94. catryn lourens

    catryn lourens

    Giorno fa

    In the beginning,you would think she's on a normal sized bed but... no

  95. Lakshana Permall

    Lakshana Permall

    Giorno fa

    That teddy is sooo cute

  96. samridhi dhayal

    samridhi dhayal

    Giorno fa

    It deserved more views!

  97. Bupe Kitanda

    Bupe Kitanda

    Giorno fa

    JB,selena iz havin a bed coz i cant get enough

  98. UnStoPpable


    Giorno fa

    stupid girl

    • Bella Moda

      Bella Moda

      Giorno fa

      +lastYell x seriously 😂

    • lastYell x

      lastYell x

      Giorno fa

      +Bella Moda anathor one omg

    • Bella Moda

      Bella Moda

      Giorno fa

      Are you out of your brains?

  99. Khairun Kanchwala

    Khairun Kanchwala

    Giorno fa

  100. Tallaproddatur Dhanush

    Tallaproddatur Dhanush

    Giorno fa

    Funny song

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