Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

Death has many faces.
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.


  1. rishabh singh

    rishabh singh

    14 ore fa

    Ned stark didn't think of his honor just to protect jon snow . Respect++

  2. john mcdonald

    john mcdonald

    14 ore fa

    The sly force of hand to get you to doing something wrong and is not proof of true intent

  3. Carl Moire

    Carl Moire

    14 ore fa

    Gendry and Arya to be king and queen..anyone?

  4. kaddieA


    14 ore fa

    I am so sick and tired of Daenerys self righteous behavior. Her fckng father was one of the worst men in history. She’s sitting next to a woman whose grandfather was baked to death in his own armor by her father all because he ‘dared’ to demand that his daughter be returned to him. Yet, she expects that woman to bow down to her and her queen. But when the man who killed her father shows up, she’s going to act high and mighty about it?!? This isn’t the first time that she’s shown that her idea of justice has a very limited radius. Her double standards are bullsh*t!

  5. Bec SocSci

    Bec SocSci

    14 ore fa

    Jamie Lannister with the dark haired, rugged look... HOT HOT HOT! I wouldn’t mind.... ❤️

  6. Aalish Hashmi

    Aalish Hashmi

    14 ore fa

    In starting of game of thrones I love die-wolf more than anything and they gone without any reason Might be R.R. making two different ending for book and tv show and he gone use them excessively in the book

  7. ashutosh kumar

    ashutosh kumar

    15 ore fa

    got fan like here.. have a nice day...

  8. Splitzy Entertainment

    Splitzy Entertainment

    15 ore fa

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  9. Manas Sharma

    Manas Sharma

    15 ore fa

    Man I wish Aquaman were here

  10. Dunedain412


    15 ore fa

    helms deep battle?

  11. Mohanad Hamadeh

    Mohanad Hamadeh

    15 ore fa

    No one: LITERALLY NO BODY: C*nts begging for likes: -LiKe If YoU hAvE nEvEr SeEn a SiNgLe GoT ePiSoDe

  12. harsh tandel

    harsh tandel

    15 ore fa

    E2 is going to be awesome after slow start in E1 🎃😘

  13. Lolwa Almatrafi

    Lolwa Almatrafi

    15 ore fa


  14. حارق خيمة الآداب

    حارق خيمة الآداب

    15 ore fa

    You want a whore buy one, You want a queen... Just wait 30 seconds

  15. shailendra mishra

    shailendra mishra

    15 ore fa

    Bran is going to become the next NIght King after the present Night King is defeated and Lyanna Targaryen the daughter of Jon and Dany is going to sit on the throne assisted by Tyrion and Missandei. Saw S8E01 where when the boy is burnt the fire resembles Targaryen sigil. Night King is truly connected to Targaryen

  16. MatyVideos cz

    MatyVideos cz

    15 ore fa


  17. Hattie Rainford

    Hattie Rainford

    15 ore fa

    Has Daeny lost all her fuckin senses? she has no consistency she's going nuts like her dad. ¬_¬

  18. Mart Charman

    Mart Charman

    15 ore fa

    hope this show wont end like LOST lmao

  19. Mart Charman

    Mart Charman

    15 ore fa

    Is one of them gonna be kille by a ghost like renyl baratheon cuz that will be cheap

  20. Azriel Miller

    Azriel Miller

    15 ore fa

    Mad king killed Neds father & brother, & she killed Sams father & brother. Cmon Dany.

  21. Jay Gatsby

    Jay Gatsby

    15 ore fa

    How can anyone watch this badly written shit any longer?

  22. Raust Zachery

    Raust Zachery

    16 ore fa

    judging from the pan out from tyrions face at the end, i think the white walkers will ignore witnerfell and go further south

  23. Borys Brzytwa

    Borys Brzytwa

    16 ore fa

    I hop the dont kill him in next episode! I think Jamie is one of the best characters in the show at this moment

  24. Chrissi S.

    Chrissi S.

    16 ore fa

    I see dead people.......

  25. Julio Acceus

    Julio Acceus

    16 ore fa

    Bitch your father was an asshole and your brother.

  26. Angelina Laffrey

    Angelina Laffrey

    16 ore fa

    I sincerely hope that either Brienne or Sansa might remind Danerys about the cruel acts committed by her father (such as burning Sansa's grandfather & uncle alive, Lyanna's death due to the war waged by the Targaryens) before condeming Jaime for any reason. I wish that someone might stand up for him at least once, and justifying his acts.

  27. Mohanish Mankar

    Mohanish Mankar

    16 ore fa

    Dany: Mother of dragons Jon: Father of dragons Real dragon: Am I a joke to you?

  28. Sam Shah

    Sam Shah

    16 ore fa

    A new Indian English Singer, Theharity 👌 you'll like my comment after listening him :)

  29. チャーリー


    16 ore fa


  30. Tyrion Lannister

    Tyrion Lannister

    16 ore fa

    I hope when Jorah dies Dany's last words to him will be: "You were a my.... Greatest friend ever!

  31. Akram Zair

    Akram Zair

    16 ore fa


  32. MrNintoku


    16 ore fa

    Theory: They gonna lose big time. They'll have to flee south back to kings landing and they'll be stuck between the Golden Company/Lannister Army and the White Walker Army. Jaime will kill Cersei in order to gain control of the armies and Jon will kill Dany in order to be able to slay the Night King. Battle will be all hell with catapults of wildfire being thrown around and the armies of the living will barely be victorious. Jon shall rule the seven kingdoms.

  33. Nishal Muhammad

    Nishal Muhammad

    16 ore fa

    When is the 2nd episode airing?

  34. This Place Is Death

    This Place Is Death

    17 ore fa

    I hope Danny kicks the bucket soon, killed by one of her dragons. Can't stand the bitch

  35. devon Lynch

    devon Lynch

    17 ore fa

    My two beloved characters sansa and Daenerys but i'm not so sure anymore, sansa's the reason why this thing started and well Daenerys is gotten quite sadistic but heyo it's survival of the fittest right!! 👌

  36. Fabian


    17 ore fa

    What is Jon saying at 0:25?

  37. Annie1962


    17 ore fa

    Brandon will probably tell Danny to get over it and that her dad would have killed thousands had Jaime not stopped him, she needs him to help fight the war - you know , survival is kinda paramount.

  38. Vipul Mahaju

    Vipul Mahaju

    17 ore fa

    The night is dark and full of terrors.

  39. muthu raja

    muthu raja

    17 ore fa

    So John loses something dear and becomes a White Walker himself and comes to a truce with humans and leads the walkers back into the forest.

  40. Setareh Nouri

    Setareh Nouri

    17 ore fa


  41. CricketReporter


    17 ore fa

    shame !!! shame !!!!!!!!

  42. Pogan Laul

    Pogan Laul

    17 ore fa

    A man will pirate this later.

  43. Poko Mafantiri

    Poko Mafantiri

    17 ore fa

    wait.... who is Arya killing with a cross bow, because it seems he's going to use that face

  44. The Common Cold

    The Common Cold

    18 ore fa

    'the man who murdered my father' lol dany your father was a cunt

  45. The Common Cold

    The Common Cold

    18 ore fa

    'the man who murdered my father' lol dany your father was a cunt

  46. Nickelbackist meinLeben

    Nickelbackist meinLeben

    18 ore fa

    Wouldn't that be amazing - Arya kills Cercei and ev. Euron and then the golden company helps against the white walkers.

  47. Luz Dls

    Luz Dls

    18 ore fa

    I just want the dragons and the wolves to survive!!!! 💖🐺🐺🐉🐉💖

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    FREE BTC & money online

    18 ore fa

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  49. bady75010


    18 ore fa

    I feared that Tyrion will die. Because he won't be able to do nothing if is brother is sentence to death. And jamie saved his life. He will do the same. So i hope he stays alive because i love his character

  50. B B

    B B

    18 ore fa

    Wow Sansa is really going to end Dany’s whole career ha?

  51. Raghu Nandan

    Raghu Nandan

    18 ore fa

    Jaime: I killed the mad king to save the people. I pushed Bran to save my sister. Things I do for Love. Dany: Cersei is your sister! Bran: Jon is your nephew. Sansa: (pukes) Jamie: You understand me, right Jon Jon: Get the f#ck out of my sight

  52. Soumik Hazra Choudhuri

    Soumik Hazra Choudhuri

    18 ore fa

    Release date ???

  53. Renato Ladislau

    Renato Ladislau

    18 ore fa

    Go calisiiiii🎊🎊

  54. Rahul Mulchandani

    Rahul Mulchandani

    18 ore fa

    What if Jon was re-entering in winterfell and everyone shouting Shame.. Shame..Shame.

  55. Jordan Geer

    Jordan Geer

    18 ore fa

    Jaime sees Bran. Need a push? Bran to Jaime. No I need a hand. JaimeLannister.exe has stopped working

  56. Alinschiii


    18 ore fa

    I hate Dany, Arya do your job

  57. catxborsuq1


    19 ore fa

    Hmm... on 0:10 Jaime is looking to the side, I think at Bran, kinda hard to tell cause you see this trial scene and Bran on two different angles but he seems to be there. And Jaime looks... shocked. Do you think Bran just says that he doesn't mind the push or that he forgives him, ooooor... he tells Jaime that Cersei lied and isn't pregnant? That he just said it to manipulate him?

  58. Valeria B Peralta

    Valeria B Peralta

    19 ore fa


  59. Ujjwal 6_1_9

    Ujjwal 6_1_9

    19 ore fa

    For the web is dark And full of spoilers

  60. mayank nawani

    mayank nawani

    19 ore fa

    These guys just needs a gun and bullets made of dragon glass to wind up the whole season!



    19 ore fa

    For only 6 episodes the first was really borin please don’t tell me we waited this long for it to only be 6 episodes

  62. LazySkull


    19 ore fa

    Bran will hopefully see that Jaime has had a change in heart since long ago and will convince the others not to kill him as he's needed in the final battle against the white walkers. Azor ahai?

  63. Liza Zackry

    Liza Zackry

    19 ore fa

    Here’s a theory.. if Danny dies, We won’t be complaining at all!!

  64. AA Music

    AA Music

    19 ore fa

    can't wait! fav!

  65. la primavera

    la primavera

    19 ore fa

    first 5 minutes arya gonna execute jaime for putting bran in a wheelchair. u watch.

  66. Cass Johnson

    Cass Johnson

    19 ore fa

    A lot of Karma going around. Are you seeing it in many places? Open eyes if not.

  67. Devika Saini

    Devika Saini

    19 ore fa

    ohhhh mannnnnn😍😍💕💕💕💕

  68. svn mock

    svn mock

    19 ore fa

    I don’t get it why is jamie being questioned now? Or did dany and John forgot that they begged the crown to fight with them.

  69. tongwhiteinhotmailcom vongsakul

    tongwhiteinhotmailcom vongsakul

    19 ore fa

    Jemmy. Seen. Spot. Light🤔🤔

  70. EL34 XF2 LiFe

    EL34 XF2 LiFe

    19 ore fa

    "I saw you that day in the tower. Fucking your sister. In full glory. All half an inch shy of an inch of you. Everything you did was for a reason. Everything that happened to you. Your small penis. Everything. To bring you here. Home."

  71. Come and Take it

    Come and Take it

    19 ore fa

    Tormund & Brienne’s giant baby is gonna kill the night king!!!

  72. Queeropatra


    19 ore fa

    As a Dany fan, sometimes she annoys the f out of me. Why put Jaime on trial for killing Your fathers aka protecting thousands of innocents AND you know your father was an asshole. You said you know he “earned his name.” Soooo, stop your shit girl. Plzzz

  73. UdayKiran K

    UdayKiran K

    20 ore fa

    Click bait

  74. TheArdo1996


    20 ore fa

    Jammie will be killed by Daenerys 🤣

  75. Star Turtle

    Star Turtle

    20 ore fa

    My money's on Jorah and Greyworm being the first to die in the battle.

  76. unlikeavirgin


    20 ore fa

    I want Cersei to be bitten in the neck by a white walker then torched by Drogon

  77. Brandon Feagaimaalii

    Brandon Feagaimaalii

    20 ore fa

    I hate Danearys

  78. corneliusperiscope


    20 ore fa

    Spoiler: Nothing will happen to Jaime at this "trial" as he's in another trailing where he is fighting in a battle so he will probably die there. Don't blame me for using logic, blame HBO for making bad trailers!

  79. Shantel Toney

    Shantel Toney

    21 ora fa

    I like Daenerys but the woman is power hungry with an attitude like that you will never sit on the throne but then again maybe the night king will.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. Lafken Wünelfe

    Lafken Wünelfe

    21 ora fa

    Here We Stand.

  81. Sonik Uk

    Sonik Uk

    21 ora fa

    omg omg omg omg omg 😱

  82. Bipradip Mandal

    Bipradip Mandal

    21 ora fa

    These previews are spoilers. Fuuuckk .

  83. Rakan Khalid

    Rakan Khalid

    21 ora fa

    Tyrion, hand of the looks.

  84. kikiwest2001


    21 ora fa

    Y’all know season 8 will be a disappointment right? They’re going to rush everything. Typically when shows announce their final season, the writing, acting all goes down the drain because they no longer need to be exceptional to get another season. Just look at the final season of shows like “break bad, true blood, sons of anarchy. All ended horribly.

    • sinnoboy0000


      15 ore fa

      kikiwest2001 breaking bad last season was amazing.

    • Rácz Béla Rácz

      Rácz Béla Rácz

      20 ore fa

      not true at all but just stay negative

  85. Decay Gaming

    Decay Gaming

    21 ora fa

    Jamie is a hero, Bran knows precisely what happened he will speak for him

  86. Joseph Leonard

    Joseph Leonard

    21 ora fa

    i miss tywin lannister and petyr baelish and olenna tyrell and oberyn martell

  87. Vivek Kalosiya

    Vivek Kalosiya

    21 ora fa

    2000s is of harry potter 2010s is of GOT It may be possible 2020s will be of Avtar series

  88. Григор Хачатрян

    Григор Хачатрян

    21 ora fa

    I get those goosebumps every time

  89. Meghan Daniell

    Meghan Daniell

    21 ora fa

    Who is here is also super excited but not emotionally ready for this episode, say aye

  90. Janella Tanco

    Janella Tanco

    21 ora fa

    Hmm. Sansa is very queen material at this point

  91. DankerThaN You

    DankerThaN You

    21 ora fa

    Finally the no balls dude kisses the dictionary

  92. JIRH JennerIsRightHere

    JIRH JennerIsRightHere

    21 ora fa

    I like how Sansa can still “talk” back to Daenerys at the same time respecting her as her Queen. Daenerys is indeed setback by Sanaa’s confidence as shown in the part where Sansa says “you never should have either “

  93. Flower S

    Flower S

    21 ora fa


  94. R K

    R K

    21 ora fa

    Does season 8 contains Rhaeghar & Robert battle of trident

    • sinnoboy0000


      15 ore fa

      R K sam told him the truth last week

    • R K

      R K

      21 ora fa

      +sinnoboy0000 As Jon snow was son of Rhaeghar so, bran can tell him truth about his father's death

    • sinnoboy0000


      21 ora fa

      R K no... why would it?

  95. Eamon Nolan

    Eamon Nolan

    22 ore fa

    Walking dead > GOT

    • Rácz Béla Rácz

      Rácz Béla Rácz

      20 ore fa

      how it feels like to have brain damage ?

    • sinnoboy0000


      21 ora fa

      Eamon Nolan Don’t even joke around like that

  96. OhJaney


    22 ore fa

    Ugh... that’s rich coming from Danny.

  97. rreed12


    22 ore fa

    Jaime better do a speech like he did in the tub with Brienne explaining how he saved Kings Landing from certain destruction by Wildfire and how the mad king told him to bring him his father head. And how the relationship started between him and Ned Stark around a supposed first impression. If this does not happen the writers have done a disservice to the show and failed the character. This would allow Jaime redemption and if he could talk about how he served justice to Tyrion by letting an innocent man free this should sway the room.

  98. W


    22 ore fa

    At 0:10 the quick shot of Jaime looking at Bran with a panicked look on his face.. I wonder what Bran reveals to him

  99. Sachin Kumar

    Sachin Kumar

    22 ore fa

    Jaqan H'gar = Rhaegar Targaryen!

  100. Anton Zigando

    Anton Zigando

    22 ore fa

    i wish someone leaked the whole season already

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