I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial

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So I am a huge fan of fancy soaps, in every way, shape, and form - I love smelling soaps, feeling soaps, and using soaps. So I decided - why not try and make a fancy bar of soap, myself, from scratch? So I followed a colorful, swirly cold-process soap art recipe from Soap Queen TV with interesting results. I've tried following makeup tutorials and nail art tutorials before, and this was by far the hardest one!
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  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard

    24 giorni fa

    hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf

    • Djoodi 72

      Djoodi 72

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      Everybody just listen for a sec, here’s an idea for the greatest colab on the planet, dollightfull (the girls who’s videos she used for example in her doll making series) makes a doll for safiya nigard that’s wearing some of her weird fashion items, and safiya dresses like her dolls for a week! How cool would that be? PLEASE LIKE SO SHE SEES THIS!!!!!

    • flower princess

      flower princess

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      Were are u

    • Lauren Higgins

      Lauren Higgins

      Giorno fa

      It really wasn't that bad. It's an advanced technique and it only took two attempts to get really close!

    • Flora_idk •_•k

      Flora_idk •_•k

      2 giorni fa

      Safiya Nygaard :Safiya it’s 5:00am where I am I got the idea right after watching ur candle video about trying to mix as many different EOS’s together or different brands of chapsticks together to see the result.idk I just thought of it randomly

    • CyberNerixx


      2 giorni fa

      @Paragon Voyager o

  2. Cat girl Lover

    Cat girl Lover

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    Who else relized that her kitchen was roi’s old kitchen aka guava juice

  3. Harlie Cunliffe

    Harlie Cunliffe

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    Saf come back plz

  4. Alex Shuysky

    Alex Shuysky

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    I just realized that Safiya was in BuzzFeed and how she escaped a sinking ship by leaving BuzzFeed LOL

  5. celine eee

    celine eee

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    who else is waiting for Saf’s Asia trip video😍🙋‍♀

  6. Kita Dyer

    Kita Dyer

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    You need to go so much faster! No stopping and talking! :P Glad it turned out!

  7. Keke Lzh

    Keke Lzh

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    Every week more like every month jk sad love you ❤️🖤❤️🖤 but seriously when new video

  8. Benjamin Rodriguez

    Benjamin Rodriguez

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    Should’ve used honey

  9. Melly Mouse

    Melly Mouse

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    Do a soap give away XD

  10. Shiloh Williams

    Shiloh Williams

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    My mother died because of li

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    R J

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    pls post a new video thank u :)

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    Kalilol 25

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    YOU NEED TO POST!!!!!!

  13. Nooralhoda Alhabib

    Nooralhoda Alhabib

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    Do a wearing 5 min craft outfits for a week

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    Caroline B.

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    I'd buy it

  15. Shanalee Ayee

    Shanalee Ayee

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    Could you please do a I dressed like Fran fine for a week please. It would be gweat *bats eyes*

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    Mia V

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    i want to eat it

  17. Mary Adolfino

    Mary Adolfino

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    You should do a video where you only wear "life hack" outfits for a week!!!

  18. Holly N.

    Holly N.

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    Honestly, Saf is best science teacher EVER 🔬

  19. Verna Harris

    Verna Harris

    12 ore fa

    I can't do swirls very well either, what you need to do is do an in the pot swirl...Its awesome!!! The soap is still fluid and you pour in your other colors in the main pot, then pour into your mold.

  20. xxshad0wqueenxx


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    Sadly thouse laser thermometers only read surface temperatures really. Found out the hard way making meringues....

  21. Ariana Williams

    Ariana Williams

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    Missed opportunity for the use of soaplies

  22. ChezFeroce


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    Do a video where you mix celebrity perfumes!!!!!!!

  23. Meh Kookie

    Meh Kookie

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    *Lets giggle this bitch* -Safiya Nygaard 2019

  24. Art world๏_๏

    Art world๏_๏

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    15:00 if you don't wanna see the fail

  25. Art world๏_๏

    Art world๏_๏

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    0:09 if your thinking of committing suicide thank me later you are needed🙃

  26. Maria Lagusch

    Maria Lagusch

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    oh yay, I just had science class with Safiya Nygaard in the middle of my summer break!

  27. Super Power Piggy

    Super Power Piggy

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    Safiya! Where the uploads at?!



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    I just started watching this video and I hope her soap video goes a lot better than that doorway to hell picture she try to do with Bob Ross. AKA THE HAPPY CAMPFIRE

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    yas guevara

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    Rachael Dowling

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    Jaylah Grant-Campbell

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      Well she is getting married, probably busy with that.

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    hey u haven’t done any vids in a while pls continue i luv ur channel i even thought i had accidentally unsubscribed so pls do another vid!

  36. arkwraili


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    Safiya: Oh yeah soap is made out of a very poisonous material called lye Me, thinking back on all the times I've inhaled, eaten and licked soap: cool

  37. jessica belle

    jessica belle

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    can you do more of these things

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    Whitney Shara

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    Drinking game: take a shot every time safiya says “soap”.

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    She sounds a lot like rae

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    if we don’t get a Saf/Soap Queen collab i’m gonna riot

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    Awesome job!!

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    My b day is 12 23 2008

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    You should do a challenge where u pick out outfits by only reading the description of them online. No looking at the pictures

  44. Omkar Trivedi

    Omkar Trivedi

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    You can also use KOH instead of lye. We've done the soap making in my lab, n it's easyyyy!😅

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  48. Djoodi 72

    Djoodi 72

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    Everybody just listen for a sec, here’s an idea for the greatest colab on the planet, dollightfull (the girls who’s videos she used for example in her doll making series) makes a doll for safiya nigard that’s wearing some of her weird fashion items, and safiya dresses like her dolls for a week! How cool would that be? PLEASE LIKE SO SHE SEES THIS!!!!!

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  58. Carol Tomko

    Carol Tomko

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    I find all the lye safety warning funny. We made soap in school and they just handed out jars of it. We made our soap the old fashioned way in a container over an open flame and added dry lye directly into the heated oil. Just like my grandmother used to make it.

  59. alie a

    alie a

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    you should make franken shampoo and conditioner!!!

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  62. Bryony Jade

    Bryony Jade

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    I wouldn’t even dare use the soap incase the measurements were off and I got poisoned 😂

  63. My Wonderful World

    My Wonderful World

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    A question that is bothering me *"what did you do with the soap mixture that ruined and got thick??"* 🤔🤔🤨🤨

  64. heatherjasper97


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    Make sure to have vinegar on hand. If you get lye on yourself, vinegar neutralyzes it.

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    hi I am gonna bully you now. "you have a weird name and that's true, safiya" I AM A NEW SUBCRIBER!!!

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    Your problem with the swirl was you just went up and down in circular motions, whereas she has FLAT top and bottom movements. Also, your chonky mixture.... But hey, you tried! And you have gifts for friends for holidays!

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    Bar soap is actually a more sustainable option to liquid soaps. Especially in places like lush, where you dont have plastic wrapping on the bar, and you can bring your own tin. Its because with a bar,you dont need the plastic bottle to hold the soap. Just letting you know incase you want to make a tiny change for a big impact 💚

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