Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress

Former late night host and 9/11 first responders advocate Jon Stewart chokes up and slams Congress over health care for the 9/11 first responders during the hearing for reauthorizing the 9/11 victim compensation fund.
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  1. chocol8milk


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    I 'm reading all the comments. There is a lot of indignation, rightly so. Rather than raging here on youtube, please stop being lazy like most citizens in our country. Instead participate in our government.

  2. TheAaronRodgersTao


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    It’s too bad that I thumbs up this video and cnn gets the benefit. Not the fucking struggling and sick individuals that were the heroes of that day. But the horrid and evil corporation that keeps us ignorant and apathetic. Jon Stewart is showing us what it means to be human. Fucking wake up cnn. Wake up congress!!!! You are destroying the planet and humanity along with it.

  3. Yolanda


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    Thank you John!

  4. San Diego

    San Diego

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    almost all the empty seats were those of Republican Congressman.... notice scumbags like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Steve King, Devin Nunes.... NO WHERE TO BE SEEN. all of them are total pieces of shit & anti-American scum.

  5. Ryan Gennaro

    Ryan Gennaro

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    The media is forced to cover this, because a mega star finally brought this to light. This has been an ongoing fight since 9/11. To quote the late great George Carlin “the government doesn’t give a fuck about you. It simply doesn’t give a fuck”.

  6. Alex


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    John Stewart for President of the United States.

  7. Trent Werner

    Trent Werner

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    Our American Congress is a disgrace, just like our president, and just like the Democratic and Republican parties as a whole. Can we come together as AMERICANS again and not against each other?

  8. n1ko


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    Tfw the comedian is the smartest one in the room 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. G G

    G G

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    No more illegal offensive wars

  10. Dawid Kostka

    Dawid Kostka

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    Really USA its 2019 and you still dont have a decent health care....

  11. Chris Nenshati

    Chris Nenshati

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    18yrs too late

  12. Paris Sitochi

    Paris Sitochi

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    it's like Dad was speaking to that kid who's playing with his future

  13. kentonwill


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    Does anyone know why Jon was at the hearing in the first place? Absolutely no hate, I love Jon and I love this speech but I'm genuinely curious why he was the one to speak up about this

  14. misfitjoe12


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    Punk rock

  15. Ethan G.

    Ethan G.

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  16. Brian M

    Brian M

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    They said the healthcare for the responders was a “New York” issue, by that logic I suppose 9/11 was a New York tragedy but not a American tragedy or world tragedy.

  17. Jackson Jett

    Jackson Jett

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    Meanwhile AOC is telling us why each congressperson deserves a pay raise so they won't be tempted to turn to corruption. They can't live off 178k a year, they need more but screw these people who gave all to serve and protect. These garbage humans cant even show up to their job and listen to suffering American heroes. Anyone who supports her or this type of thinking is evil.

    • fitzy098


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      The GOP were first to table this bill.

  18. M L

    M L

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    This government spends billions of our taxpayer money on wars and weapons, Trump's family, but we can't have normal medical coverage. You end up in emergency and they bill you with $1,5K to pay. WTF. The most shittiest corrupt medical mafia system.

  19. francis chow

    francis chow

    5 ore fa

    The man who started the trend of "comedy" news, which became more and more dishonest as they grew in cultural influence, tools of woke capital, this man is no longer to be taken seriously, he spawned a chain of shows which dumbed down political discourse, and made it toxic.

  20. Dom W

    Dom W

    5 ore fa

    God damn Jon Stewart. You’re the man.

  21. Russell Nunez

    Russell Nunez

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    I wish I could like this video a thousand times, and then a thousands times more. It shocks me in the worst way that this mans words could garner nearly 3,000 dislikes. How can anyone, republican or democrat, liberal or conservative, dislike this mans message?! I myself do not make much financially, but I would willingly give up 2, 5 even 10 percent of my net income to help these men and women. I love this country and firmly believe a million others would do the same in a heartbeat. So why can't we take care of these heroes?.... Set the bullshit aside and do what is right for Gods sake!

  22. Risa Nicola

    Risa Nicola

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    “Congress passed the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act in 2010, over opposition from some Republicans who balked at its $7 billion price tag. The act was reauthorized in 2015 for 90 years. But a portion of the law - the Victim Compensation Fund - was only funded for five years, through the end of 2020. The fund aimed to provide necessary financial support for the thousands who suffered serious medical issues, including a spate of cancer diagnoses, after the 2001 attacks.” “I can't help but think what an incredible metaphor this room is ... a filled room of 9/11 first responders and in front of me, a nearly empty Congress. Sick and dying, they brought themselves down here to speak to no one ... shameful," said Stewart at the outset of his remarks. A little over half of the 14-member subcommittee members were present, mostly Democrats.”

  23. TropiCool


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    I wonder who are those that gave nearly 3k thumbs down to this truthful and insightful talk...I call them traitors and self serving degenerates, hang em all and hang em high. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves whose concern was for the well being our nation and it's citizens.

  24. demine100018


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    This is the best you guys have ONE JOB speech I have ever heard.

  25. chiefersis


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    This is a fake man guilty in death of first responders with a lot more power to help than he does. These bastards coordinate who to hand the next election to.

  26. chiefersis


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    Bullshit shtick of a fake man acting an even faker act. There is evidence that suggests liberals and republicans hand elections to each other. Which suggests an stage and comedian show clowns Cooperate; they never give it away it ends wars at least instantly lives lost every minute they keep quiet. Jon Stewart has blood on his hands and more power than this fake TV clowning he does.

  27. David WhatsThatAbout

    David WhatsThatAbout

    6 ore fa

    It’s funny how Jon Stewart makes a living off of making political jokes, yet deeply loves America and everything she stands for with all his heart. I wonder if the jokes he makes secretly hurts him, like laughing the pain away and find happiness by joking about a serious situation. He’s like the clown pagliacci

  28. Priyanka Jain

    Priyanka Jain

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    You run for president of my country sir.. (India)

  29. Carlton


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    Was this a frickin movie outtake? Stewart is a masterful spokesman.

  30. LapinBeau


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    By denying these heroes health care, they're basically finishing the job for the terrorists.

  31. MrAcerulez


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    Why doesn’t this have like, 100m more views?

  32. Cicci Wan Kenobi

    Cicci Wan Kenobi

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    That is the most powerful,sincere and long overdue speeches that I’ve seen in a long long time. Thank you to John Stewart and to all first responders and those who protect us all.

  33. Bulletsmichael


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    The government is suppose to serve the people and we're now begging our government to serve the people... Not just ordinary people, fucking heroes, who risked their lives and still pay the price daily.

  34. deoo iopg

    deoo iopg

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    I lI love how specific members of congress asking for a raise didn't even bother to show up. What pieces of fucking shit, you don't deserve the money you make now.ove how specific members of congress asking for a raise didn't even bother to show up. What pieces of fucking shit, you don't deserve the money you make now.

  35. Justin Williams

    Justin Williams

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    He needs to be the President.

  36. Kausar Khan

    Kausar Khan

    7 ore fa

    Great job John Stewart tell them losers!

  37. Anuj Kapoor

    Anuj Kapoor

    7 ore fa

    I have never seen someone this fearless and honest to a cause like John Stewart. Salute to him and salute to all those first responders and fire fighters.

  38. patrickkelly3


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    it is unbelievably shameful for so many committee members to be absent on that day!

  39. patrickkelly3


    7 ore fa

    9/11 first responders deserve better. you want a half cent more of my income for taxes to help them after all that they have done?????? fine by me! shame on you Congress for not listening to what is right!

  40. David Lee

    David Lee

    7 ore fa

    One of the comments i read said they should have free health care for the rest of their lives and that this shouldn't even be up for discussion. I couldn't have said it better myself and it makes me sick to know these men and women literally gave their lives and much more to be denied such basic human rights. This is absolutely pathetic, appalling and shameful.

  41. abc64pan


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    Americans don't matter anymore, only illegals.

  42. WaxestLowa732 R

    WaxestLowa732 R

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  43. Jonathan Rivera

    Jonathan Rivera

    8 ore fa

    Jon Stewart should absolutely, unequivocally and officially be awarded the congressional medal of honor for this!! I mean, My god sir, A true champion amongst the entirety of our species.

  44. bigyanjit huidrom

    bigyanjit huidrom

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    US government sucks

  45. NoLongerHuman13


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    The NEW BEST QUOTE of 2019 “ Al Qaeda didn’t yell DEATH to TriBeCa “

  46. NoLongerHuman13


    8 ore fa

    I’ve watched this about 10 times. It’s rare to see a REAL individual these days. But it’s fair to say that Jon is as real as they come when it comes to this issue. 💯✅🎯⚔️⏰⚖️

  47. Arbi


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    All the absent people need to be fired and never be allowed for any public office ever again.

  48. Nathan Scott

    Nathan Scott

    8 ore fa

    You go John

  49. Lisa Dondlinger

    Lisa Dondlinger

    8 ore fa

    A- f%*cking -MEN!!!

  50. William Faidley

    William Faidley

    9 ore fa

    This is possibly the greatest speech that has ever been made. I forget that Mr. Stewart was fighting for this cause. This man was one of my favorite comedians, and now I think he is my favorite activist.

  51. armygringo


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    This man is a legend. I fucking love this guy! Always enjoyed watching him on the Daily Show. And not even for the crude juvenile jokes, but for his courage, integrity, clarity, and authenticity. I can just tell that he is a genuine, kind man who really cares. Wish I could meet him someday and shake his hand. I'd vote for him if he ran for President - that's how highly I think of this guy. (And I don't throw words around.)

  52. Has1b


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    They give $11 billion a year in funding/loans to Israel and can't take care of their only hero's. disgusting.

  53. joesph kennedy

    joesph kennedy

    9 ore fa

    Hummm martin luther king asked for fairness among all races , African Americans still havent recieved anything , this nation is shit

  54. Katelynn Pearce

    Katelynn Pearce

    9 ore fa

    I love how specific members of congress asking for a raise didn't even bother to show up. What pieces of fucking shit, you don't deserve the money you make now.

  55. American Patriot Who Hates Trump

    American Patriot Who Hates Trump

    9 ore fa

    Republicans are fucking pieces of shit

  56. Vitjusha


    9 ore fa

    We are living in historical times

  57. Dave Or

    Dave Or

    9 ore fa

    Jesus man.. Jesus

  58. megadeth


    10 ore fa

    lmao he should yell at bush cause he's the one who did 9/11 stop fooling yourselves America

  59. Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft

    Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft

    10 ore fa

    Why is Jon Stewart necessary to make congress function?

  60. Johnny Smith

    Johnny Smith

    10 ore fa

    Fuck you Congress - there's a special place in Hell for the likes of you!

  61. John Muller

    John Muller

    10 ore fa

    Wow. That belongs with "Finally Senator, have you no shame."

  62. Flame


    10 ore fa

    Watch the end of the PBS version. The video cut short but he got a standing ovation

  63. Peter pan

    Peter pan

    11 ore fa

    This man should be president.... Wow... This is a speech that will remain with me... I truly hope this bill passes and a block buster movies made... Mr. Stewart you are a dead set legend.

  64. Clone 42399

    Clone 42399

    11 ore fa

    I don’t normally agree with CNN, but this was shameful for a congress. These people are living heroes, and are treated like they don’t matter. This pisses me off

  65. Aditya G.

    Aditya G.

    12 ore fa

    You know u fucked up if John Stewart is getting emotional and calls you out. Fuck you Congress, you're a fucking joke.

  66. David V

    David V

    12 ore fa

    I was living across from,mpls st Paul airport on 9/11 . Damn u bush Damn u !!!!!! U had a chance to tell people we all bleed red !! And seek,the Saudis but no ? Trump I hope u get impeached !!!! Amy klobpusaur klobousaur is right . I hope how Biden u better join us I mean the fuckin earth .

  67. Dave EN

    Dave EN

    12 ore fa

    Why should the U.S. Congress be interested individual human citizens when their Corporate Constituents PAY to get the keys to the country.

  68. David V

    David V

    12 ore fa

    He's right

  69. Jonathan Zacho Bruun

    Jonathan Zacho Bruun

    12 ore fa

    Hey Americans. Just a thought. Why not elect this guy for president?

  70. Kali


    12 ore fa

    Trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the rich? Sure, we can afford that!! Continued assistance and funding for the health care and other necessities of the 9/11 First Responders (who are still alive today) and their families? Nope, 5 years was enough, and we don't think we can afford that anymore!! *_Until Congress was publicly shamed for not doing the right thing._* *_Screw you, Congress_* for actually _needing_ to be publicly shamed into finally doing the right thing. _Shame on you_ for deeming it affordable to give trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the people and corporations lining your pockets, while trying to deem it too expensive to continue bearing the costs of assisting these brave people and their families for longer than the initial 5 year period. A time period for which they had to fight you for tooth and nail, which should not have had to be fought for to begin with, let alone _twice_ Your assistance should have been granted with the same sense of duty and grace with which these people put their lives, safety, well-being, and livelihoods on the line when _their_ assistance was so desperately needed.

  71. Alexander Martinez

    Alexander Martinez

    12 ore fa

    The sad thing is that they dont care. Even with all of that the only reason they'd follow up is to maintain face.

  72. Quaker274


    12 ore fa

    Merica Land of the free home of the brave `?

  73. wjfjr73


    12 ore fa

    2 million homeless Americans 65000 homeless veterans Nationwide and 22 suicides veterans every day... so I know they don't care about a couple damn fireman

  74. wjfjr73


    12 ore fa

    The United States government does not care about its own citizens.....

  75. Charles Smothers

    Charles Smothers

    13 ore fa


    • Blank Blanckersen

      Blank Blanckersen

      10 ore fa

      And continued exploitation and interference via imperialism, can't forget that.

  76. Eric the Red

    Eric the Red

    13 ore fa

    I've found myself returning to this video every day since it's posting. I remember Jon speaking about this issue a few years ago, and of course I believed it was the right thing to do. But I then I moved on thinking this would be resolved, as I bet most of us did. Like Jon, we probably thought this should be a unanimous decision. As this was assistance for 9/11 first responders, you would believe no one would be against it, not that no one would show up to hear their pleas. By now it should be no surprise that Congress is willing to use people's suffering as leverage to get something else passed, and they are willing to take as long as necessary to get what they want. Even if it means waiting until their party has an advantage in the House or Senate. And why would they care? They're making their money one way or another. Its one of the few jobs out there where you can still be paid regardless of whether you work or not. Outside of a government shutdown (which should never fucking happen), you are watching another example of our government failing it's citizens. For this reason I keep coming back to this video; it feels good to listen to Jon shame them. It shouldn't even be this way, but unfortunately it is.

  77. kens 616

    kens 616

    14 ore fa

    I find it very sickening because of the Socialist Democrats that now the COST THIS YEAR ALONE FOR ILLEGALS IS OVER 122 BILLION and rising. Just the cost today is around 700 million PER DAY. Look it up on One America News clock of illegals costing us. Anybody that votes for Democrats and wants to waste more money on illegals should be impeached and thrown out of office. With this money that could be going to these firefighters, veterans, schools and the homeless, and yet it’s wasted on people that are not even supposed to be in this country. That is very repulsive to me and anti-American. Enough is enough.

    • Blank Blanckersen

      Blank Blanckersen

      10 ore fa

      Let's compromise, and pull money out of the money and tax cuts, and support them both? How about that?

  78. Trump's Brick Layer

    Trump's Brick Layer

    14 ore fa

    When you live in the cancer of NY what do you expect

  79. Alex Barnes

    Alex Barnes

    14 ore fa

    This is a pretty atrocious title, CNN.

  80. just chillax my guy

    just chillax my guy

    14 ore fa

    Mike fucking drop

  81. Art Martinez

    Art Martinez

    14 ore fa

    If it’s not for a political gain then why even help? That’s the mentality of feel America today is based on empty promises for the people that are first in line willing to sacrifice theirs life’s for the very same country’s congress that turns their back in them.

  82. rsrdan


    14 ore fa

    Is it just me or does that look like Louie Anderson behind Jon! Baskets !!

  83. Laguna Zancruz

    Laguna Zancruz

    14 ore fa

    Louie anderson

  84. Eric the Red

    Eric the Red

    15 ore fa

    "There is not a person here, there is not an empty chair on that stage, that didn't tweet out "Never forget the Heroes of 9/11. Never forget their bravery. Never forget what they did, what they gave to this country." "Well here they are." as he points back at the first responders. "And where are they?" as he points back to Congress.

  85. matthew rosales

    matthew rosales

    15 ore fa

    “Rather to live or have a place to live” damn

  86. rolback


    15 ore fa

    No American in this country should loose his/ her life or job to an illegal in our country. Is Jon going to make that speech next?

  87. rolback


    15 ore fa

    And what makes Jon Stewart so special that he gets to address Congress? I would rather have some real citizens that are not 1%, white privileged like Jon Stewart, that work real jobs.

    • Blank Blanckersen

      Blank Blanckersen

      10 ore fa

      Oh stop with that "real jobs" BS; it's not like a sizable portion of Congress actually does their job.

  88. Max Power

    Max Power

    15 ore fa

    A true American patriot

  89. Sw!neH!gh


    15 ore fa

    Support single-payer healthcare now! Good quality healthcare is a human right and it should be a constitutional right as well.

  90. LobsterPuncher


    15 ore fa

    I love Jon Stewart for this. He is fighting for this because he believes in it and you can feel his sincerity when he speaks.

  91. Beachhead13


    15 ore fa

    Strong message. Damn. side note, I hate that the audience is staring at the camera or whatever is behind it.

  92. rose patton

    rose patton

    16 ore fa


  93. 8Zeit8Geist8


    16 ore fa

    MERICA = a Joke :p and most Evil Country on earth who killed more people than any other in Human History :p R.I:P: New Babylon Sheepl´s ;) ... but on this issue he is right... but who cares it´s not System Relevant if they get something or not so they just dont care :p sry

  94. 4Legacy


    16 ore fa

    This man is an American treasure. God Bless you Jon Stewart

  95. John Ibarra

    John Ibarra

    16 ore fa

    The man..truly one of the most amazing persons we have ever been blessed with. This man is an icon, a legend, a hero for those who need it. Get these men n women their damn healthcare. They deserve way more than that.

  96. tecamey


    16 ore fa

    Those congressmen/women who didn’t show up shouldn’t be voted back. Can we impeach them?

  97. Theodore Marakas

    Theodore Marakas

    16 ore fa

    I don't like or care for this idiot Jon Stuart or any of those clowns for liberal Hollywood BUT the man is correct and I support him on the subject

  98. Rabnawaz Omer

    Rabnawaz Omer

    16 ore fa

    they have a seat on the stage, and that's all they care about!

  99. Repvoid


    17 ore fa

    Of course, a peanut gallery of old coots that can't pass anything worth a damn. Go Jon.

  100. Zeazea Imm

    Zeazea Imm

    17 ore fa

    All this ethical appeal

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