Juventus v Atlético Madrid 3-2 | Cinematic Highlights

After a miserable 1st leg Juventus chances of making it through seemed slim at best. In the Champions League, though, it's never done until it's done.
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  1. This İs my

    This İs my

    2 giorni fa

    anneni boyle sikerler

  2. Mohd Ayaz

    Mohd Ayaz

    4 giorni fa

    The most epic highlights



    5 giorni fa

    And then people think messi is better than ronaldo...we should love for both of these ..and should be proud to born in this era..of both stars....

  4. Muhammad Sahir

    Muhammad Sahir

    6 giorni fa

    Great video

  5. Can Kot

    Can Kot

    6 giorni fa


  6. Grey Media Productions

    Grey Media Productions

    7 giorni fa

    Cristiano Ronaldo career is better than that of Atletico Madrid.

  7. Rafael  Arellano

    Rafael Arellano

    9 giorni fa


  8. The Code Breaker

    The Code Breaker

    10 giorni fa

    @Vadim we want the semifinals highlights

  9. Animal Sauvage

    Animal Sauvage

    11 giorni fa

    Liverpool Please🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. WilliamParadise


    11 giorni fa

    Diego Simeone mi boludo favorito.

  11. Sa'ad Khatib

    Sa'ad Khatib

    11 giorni fa

    They were knocked out but at least CR7 carried the team on his back and made his own amazing remontada against Atlético, the real GOAT , not like the coward Messi

  12. saqib khan

    saqib khan

    11 giorni fa

    name of the music in the 2nd goal?

  13. Senso vietato

    Senso vietato

    14 giorni fa

    Peccato sia stato tutto inutile

  14. Arielle Fenix

    Arielle Fenix

    15 giorni fa

    I hate Cristiano Ronaldo, but you made this video so well that I had to watch it several times: a marvel of football editing. That's how great you are. :)



    16 giorni fa

    Commentators name please??

  16. Flex


    19 giorni fa

    Music from that mad max fight scene right?

  17. ghania putri Fhadila

    ghania putri Fhadila

    23 giorni fa

    High skil Edition.👐👐👐

  18. Josfur Gaming

    Josfur Gaming

    27 giorni fa

    Yet again the GOAT CR7 makes history by wining a championship with 3 different clubs. not like midget Pepsi that only wins with BARCA. cant wait for next season the season where Ronaldo will make history again by winning his 6th CL with 3 different clubs. no doubt the GOAT!

  19. J P

    J P

    29 giorni fa

    Great editing bro !

  20. Freak Boy

    Freak Boy

    Mese fa

    "Cholo! Aquì tambien, tenemos huevos!" 😉

  21. Prisha Mehra

    Prisha Mehra

    Mese fa

    what about the meething with ajax guys?ronaldo is just about headers.

  22. Areeba Zia

    Areeba Zia

    Mese fa

    Nice editing keep it up

  23. 藤岡大和


    Mese fa

    何回見ても最高 カッコよすぎる!!!!!!

  24. John Rosso

    John Rosso

    Mese fa

    Referee saved them in the first match from 4-0 and they passed 😉

  25. Can i get 100 subs without any videos Challenge

    Can i get 100 subs without any videos Challenge

    Mese fa

    Ronaldo has more packs than atleticos trophies

  26. Sanjay B

    Sanjay B

    Mese fa


  27. Sanjay B

    Sanjay B

    Mese fa


  28. Salman VN

    Salman VN

    Mese fa


  29. Muhammad Aji Priyatna

    Muhammad Aji Priyatna

    Mese fa

    Please make Manchester United v PSG.



    Mese fa

    The most loved and hated man in Madrid😂

  31. Apurva Sawant

    Apurva Sawant

    Mese fa

    After watching some of your videos... what I feel is that if you kept going the same way... you are sure going to be a youtube sensation... atleast in the football highlights section... the way you show this game... looks like as if it is a war... and it is actually a war... but rarely someone I've found who can give me the perfect highlights and football show and you... have those skills boy! Great job! 💞

  32. Mohamed Raafee

    Mohamed Raafee

    Mese fa

    Anyons please tell me what bgm was used in final penalty shoot ? How can i search that music ?

  33. Alessandro Sanatelli

    Alessandro Sanatelli

    Mese fa

    "Cholo, aquí también tenemos huevos!!!!"

  34. Sher Umar Khan Official

    Sher Umar Khan Official

    Mese fa

    Hahahahahha ccceeeeeer

  35. Padsha AFG

    Padsha AFG

    Mese fa


  36. Sakib Thoker

    Sakib Thoker

    Mese fa

    My goodness it gave me goosebumps

  37. Ирина Шейк

    Ирина Шейк

    Mese fa

    it was amazing!!!



    Mese fa

    The King is not done yet boys

  39. Aoun Football

    Aoun Football

    Mese fa

    and people think he gets into pressure in these type of matches!

  40. Rs Shon shon

    Rs Shon shon

    Mese fa

    Those who dislike r cricket player

  41. Geetha Ramgopal

    Geetha Ramgopal

    Mese fa

    U know i saw 100 of memes teasing ronaldo by athleti fans,barca fans and many other cr7 haters but ronaldo just shuts them up with this amazing performance.just amazing to watch ."An absolute master class in football

  42. Agung Ariyanto

    Agung Ariyanto

    Mese fa

    Mantul 😍

  43. Asher keen

    Asher keen

    Mese fa

    You deserve million subscribers

  44. Fahad Ahmed

    Fahad Ahmed

    Mese fa

    That damn real madrid in between though! 😭🔥 That damn music in the background 💯

  45. samad Shaikh

    samad Shaikh

    Mese fa

    I use to see ur video ten times a day.. keep it up..bro

  46. Elite_VRTX


    Mese fa

    What an edit! It gave me goosebumps to every part of my body

  47. kemhong ton

    kemhong ton

    Mese fa

    i find a lot of movie video in this match but they all dissappointed me , but after i wach your video soundtrack , effect , video slowmotion and the combination of the past , hellllll yeah it's good . keep going 😉

  48. Utsav Borsare

    Utsav Borsare

    Mese fa

    Wonderful "did u forget me already " 💥💥



    Mese fa

    What a night in turin 🔥

  50. Tokyo Drift

    Tokyo Drift

    Mese fa


  51. Clay Days

    Clay Days

    Mese fa

    anyone knows the song in the background starting at min 4:09

    • Maffy27HD


      Mese fa

      The song Is Brothers in Arms extended version of junkie XL but that determinated part of the penalty (the best part of the song lol) It isn't in this song

    • Maffy27HD


      Mese fa

      I want to know me too

  52. Rahul M. Prathap

    Rahul M. Prathap

    Mese fa

    Best editing ever !!

  53. Sumeet Vyas

    Sumeet Vyas

    Mese fa

    Bro i must say U r cristiano ronaldo in this editing video world. Good job👍

  54. hamza cr7

    hamza cr7

    Mese fa

    Cr7 is a legend

  55. Elvis


    Mese fa

    Epic video 😍😍 Thx bro

  56. Keima Tainaka

    Keima Tainaka

    Mese fa

    I am laugh 3:48 xD

  57. Sumeet Vyas

    Sumeet Vyas

    Mese fa

    To win champions league the guy like cristiano ronaldo u have to face..

  58. Kyle Xy Xy

    Kyle Xy Xy

    Mese fa

    Music effect on point 😉

  59. Bamboozled


    Mese fa

    This is what happens when you are too blind to realise why you keep failing. You'll never reach the truth and break free, instead the worst thing possible. For it to keep repeating. Simeone, this is what happens when people are too stubborn to accept the truth and to try something new to change.

  60. Arun Gurung

    Arun Gurung

    Mese fa

    I m watching many times

  61. Ranjesh Sresta

    Ranjesh Sresta

    Mese fa

    Amazing editing

  62. Sunny Kay

    Sunny Kay

    Mese fa

    I got goosebumps when Ronaldo destroyed AM and avenged their loss.

  63. tutta musica

    tutta musica

    Mese fa


  64. Inderjeet Sav

    Inderjeet Sav

    Mese fa

    What a phenomenal I'm watching. Awesome editing gave me instant goosebumps.

  65. TheMeeT


    Mese fa

    Tumblair Group Porn

  66. Saeed.


    Mese fa

    Great Work Man ! I have never seen a video like that . Amazing Editing

  67. cong thanh nguyen

    cong thanh nguyen

    Mese fa

    Omg this video is so nice

  68. Arun Gurung

    Arun Gurung

    Mese fa

    Wow wow 😮 amazing video..... Just subscribe your channel

  69. Albin Pacolli

    Albin Pacolli

    Mese fa

    Cristiano is like an overpowered villain that atletico just cant go through

  70. Albin Pacolli

    Albin Pacolli

    Mese fa

    All hail the king

  71. techy dude!

    techy dude!

    Mese fa

    Which software are you using plzz tell me can i do this kind of video on android where do you get these clips from plzz reply

  72. futbul_official10


    Mese fa

    Please add the PSG v Man United video. It was good. I hope you add it back.

  73. munna wasik

    munna wasik

    Mese fa

    He proved to everyone that he can destroy atletico whenever whenever he goes atletico as long as Cristiano ronaldo is here u guys don't even think of winning the champions league trophy

  74. R G

    R G

    Mese fa

    Impossible things possible because of CR7 England Spain now Italy 🇮🇹

  75. Neon YT

    Neon YT

    Mese fa

    please remake 3-3 manu vs psg but this is amazing

  76. framebitstudios


    Mese fa

    Love your videos brother.

  77. Shangreiso S

    Shangreiso S

    Mese fa

    Junkie XL score for Mad Max Fury Road perfectly blends in with the video

  78. George Sahr Tengbeh

    George Sahr Tengbeh

    Mese fa

    Aletico D Madrid WORST enemy = CR7 😭😭😭 Simeone was shitting in his Pants 👖 Nice 👍 movie 🎥

  79. M.MOTION Production

    M.MOTION Production

    Mese fa

    god damn, juve fan is so lucky to have this kind a moment. goosbump legit.

  80. Guilherme Duarte

    Guilherme Duarte

    Mese fa

    Atletico's President: to me, Cristiano Ronaldo only haver 3 Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo: to me and for another 6999999999 people, Atletico still has 0.

  81. Parisa Shafi

    Parisa Shafi

    Mese fa

    Super video

  82. Tommy Ruiz

    Tommy Ruiz

    Mese fa

    A get chills after 3:42

  83. anil kumar

    anil kumar

    Mese fa

    ronaldo and diego simeone never ending love story

  84. Mario Diaz

    Mario Diaz

    Mese fa

    I don't know about this match but you're editing skills are so adorable.

  85. X swizzar

    X swizzar

    Mese fa

    The edit at 3:48 gave me chills

  86. Subhasheesh Bera

    Subhasheesh Bera

    Mese fa

    Nobody can make a comeback like Ronaldo he is the greatest of all times

  87. Eva Ronya

    Eva Ronya

    Mese fa

    Awesome bro Keep up your work u have a great talent. ❤ frm india

  88. Aziq Fiqrie

    Aziq Fiqrie

    Mese fa

    Damn Litt !!

  89. Markthegamer 85

    Markthegamer 85

    Mese fa

    Avrò visto questo video un migliaio di volte.. Complimenti all’editor

  90. Alex Sj

    Alex Sj

    Mese fa

    Real madrid what if you have Ronaldo now will be 4th champions league in row wow but you sold him can't imagine how come a big club can sell there best player so easy. The player who give so much to this club I still can't believe it. Now who you gonna say that you have best player what a fools Real madrid real is gone only madrid left enjoy the madrid now empty.

  91. serial killer at street 48

    serial killer at street 48

    Mese fa

    As a messi fan i truly admires his desire . He deserves to be remembered as a GOAT besides messi .

  92. serial killer at street 48

    serial killer at street 48

    Mese fa

    Biggest comeback in the UCL history . A true legend never dies . We have come to an end where we cannot deny that this person is beyond the G.O.A.Ts

  93. Simplo Simplo

    Simplo Simplo

    Mese fa

    Only madrid fans (both Atletico.M and real.M ) will dislike this video...hahaha😂😂😂

  94. Chris Abraham

    Chris Abraham

    Mese fa

    The 293 dislikes are probably from atletico madrid fans . Can't stop watching this btw, great great work👌

  95. Anonymous Guy

    Anonymous Guy

    Mese fa

    I appreciate your work.🔥🔥😍😍

  96. Sherwan Chato12

    Sherwan Chato12

    Mese fa

    3:40 CR7. ❤️❤️

  97. fei lin

    fei lin

    Mese fa


  98. Brutus Beefcake

    Brutus Beefcake

    Mese fa

    3:41 sooooo epic

  99. Aziq Syaz

    Aziq Syaz

    Mese fa

    good ridden atletico fans fuck you all and fuck you diego simone, have you forgot who is CRISTIANO RONALDO!!

  100. Sudhanshu Ranjan

    Sudhanshu Ranjan

    Mese fa

    Great video man.... keep it up

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