NLE Choppa & Clever "Stick By My Side" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Stick By My Side" by NLE Choppa & Clever.
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Directed By Karltin Bankz & Wikid
Animated By Checkz
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  1. GIBBZ


    5 ore fa

    Idk why but his face and him singing scares tf outta me

  2. YoungEBT ツ

    YoungEBT ツ

    7 ore fa

    Clever white tff

  3. Israel Case

    Israel Case

    7 ore fa

    this white nigga ass im sorry

  4. zZR3DB34MZz Purge_Life_Beamzz

    zZR3DB34MZz Purge_Life_Beamzz

    9 ore fa

    2x speed XD

  5. ✪ Safoma

    ✪ Safoma

    10 ore fa

    wtf that chorus by clever is actually catchy as hell

  6. Sebastian Jonner

    Sebastian Jonner

    10 ore fa

    “im a rich nigga wit a wife beater” 🔥

  7. Keegan Pearl223

    Keegan Pearl223

    11 ore fa

    0:46 6 year old me throwi g a fit in a store

  8. Yimas TV

    Yimas TV

    11 ore fa

    Somone take out that white dude and repost the song

  9. Oprah


    11 ore fa

    Y’all looking at Clever like Lukas Graham don’t exist

  10. Please Sub

    Please Sub

    11 ore fa

    Alll talk

  11. Katrina Bendorf

    Katrina Bendorf

    12 ore fa

    Cleaver is 🔥

  12. young blue ghost

    young blue ghost

    12 ore fa

    Fire🔥🔥 should of been longer the song

  13. Trevon Horner

    Trevon Horner

    13 ore fa

    He dissed takashi swearr🤦🤣

  14. YouRollSwishers


    13 ore fa

    Liked the song until choppa got on it

  15. NavYT


    14 ore fa

    The more i listen to it, it gets better

  16. big fella

    big fella

    14 ore fa

    Clever actually goes hard

  17. nle og

    nle og

    15 ore fa

    Nle choppa

  18. bop #RCG

    bop #RCG

    15 ore fa

    Clever industry plant

  19. Mike King

    Mike King

    16 ore fa

    So nobody Notice choppa diss 69 even tho idc about 69

  20. Daniel Mishoe

    Daniel Mishoe

    17 ore fa

    0:30, bitch I’m rich till I die 🤣🤣😂😂

  21. MOЯO


    17 ore fa


  22. James 1400 800

    James 1400 800

    17 ore fa

    Clever looks like a middle aged mom trying to follow trends

  23. Ballin


    18 ore fa

    im rey edit clever out dis jawn no cap

  24. phapper games

    phapper games

    18 ore fa

    Extended version please

  25. rxch gxng

    rxch gxng

    20 ore fa

    Nle steady waving. 3 pack condom

  26. Impulse Myne

    Impulse Myne

    20 ore fa

    1:05 these niggas be snitching I call em tekashi 😂😂

  27. Ferdinand Sigurjonsson

    Ferdinand Sigurjonsson

    20 ore fa

    Id thought that nigga Clever was some kind of Lesbian bitch😂

  28. aidan escobedo

    aidan escobedo

    21 ora fa

    Haha he said these snitches I call them teshkias 69

  29. Yalo Laws

    Yalo Laws

    21 ora fa

    Should have added more verse

  30. Xtreme7Dixie


    22 ore fa

    How many times you think Clever pointed the middle finger ? 😂🖕🏾

  31. prod. yung oosy

    prod. yung oosy

    22 ore fa

    bruh choppa really just flexed condoms

  32. jayy.


    22 ore fa

    Clever emo ass ruined this song

  33. Sergio Sousa Costa

    Sergio Sousa Costa

    23 ore fa

    Beat foraaaa

  34. -Spqmtqlity-


    Giorno fa

    NLE Choppa’s money stack went from *stack of money to gold condoms* 😂😂

    • Aiden Ari

      Aiden Ari

      10 ore fa

      Omfg yess

  35. XenoBoss


    Giorno fa

    Giannis antetokounmpo ft.Larry Bird stick by my side

  36. Lil Soup

    Lil Soup

    Giorno fa

    Just like the sun I put him in the sky, that was cold

  37. Fortnite AE

    Fortnite AE

    Giorno fa

    These niggas be snitching i call em tekashi

  38. Ambroz Skaza

    Ambroz Skaza

    Giorno fa

    Clever highkey fire

  39. Lil Pump

    Lil Pump

    Giorno fa

    choppa linking with oprah type shit

  40. callme editz

    callme editz

    Giorno fa

    These niggas be snitchin i call em Kakashi

  41. Sherlock 23

    Sherlock 23

    Giorno fa


  42. Incentric


    Giorno fa

    Clever sounds like he just got off a time machine from the 16th century

  43. BL-DUB


    Giorno fa


  44. Bat Man

    Bat Man

    Giorno fa

    This is the only so g that I've replayed 100 times+

  45. AWAKE Games

    AWAKE Games

    Giorno fa

    Beautifully voice



    Giorno fa

    Clever: “God as my witness I just caught a Bonner”

    • Aiden Ari

      Aiden Ari

      10 ore fa


  47. Oofer Mcooferton

    Oofer Mcooferton

    Giorno fa

    Clever the awkward white guy in a group of blac gangstas

  48. Gamer555


    Giorno fa


  49. Tragiic 52k

    Tragiic 52k

    Giorno fa

    This shit go hard 🚫🧢

  50. Franchie Sanchez

    Franchie Sanchez

    Giorno fa

    Man this my shit i lromise clever on one i love dude .........kilt that shit an loyalty man this this lil shit on repeat feed us more #clever now we hungry

  51. Precious Montgomery

    Precious Montgomery

    Giorno fa

    Nebraska says hi precious Montgomery ITchannel

  52. Kenny Powers

    Kenny Powers

    Giorno fa

    Clever got a fall out boy , mayday parade panic at the disco voice and I love it

  53. Res pepper

    Res pepper

    Giorno fa

    Clever the white Takeoff.. always goes hard...



    Giorno fa

    Clever!!! I want to hear more from this dude

  55. vance powell

    vance powell

    Giorno fa

    this shit is fire as fuck

  56. Big Twenty 3

    Big Twenty 3

    Giorno fa

    No Cap

  57. Big Twenty 3

    Big Twenty 3

    Giorno fa

    This song is complete ass and clever needs to commit suicide by a hanging

  58. junior jean-baptiste

    junior jean-baptiste

    Giorno fa

    yall no that shit is lit

  59. Life Less

    Life Less

    Giorno fa

    Been on repeat for the last 2 weeks along with loyalty and when only u will do.

  60. Best Baller

    Best Baller

    Giorno fa


  61. Jays adventures

    Jays adventures

    Giorno fa

    Is this a lady

  62. FaZe_MiKeZ 0.136

    FaZe_MiKeZ 0.136

    Giorno fa

    Niggas Be Snitching Call me Tekachi

  63. Isolated Gaming

    Isolated Gaming

    Giorno fa


  64. LaLa Aldridge

    LaLa Aldridge

    Giorno fa

    I love Clever voice gives me that 2000’s evanescence vibe

  65. TID3P0D


    Giorno fa

    Ro short

  66. Obey_toxic god

    Obey_toxic god

    Giorno fa

    Clever look like lil dicky



    Giorno fa


  68. Josh Hinson

    Josh Hinson

    Giorno fa

    Dislike if clever had no hoes

  69. Joshuah Barrera

    Joshuah Barrera

    Giorno fa

    It is always the short songs that are the best 🔥🔥😒

  70. Bryson Dorris

    Bryson Dorris

    Giorno fa

    Clever a beast

  71. Yella Boii

    Yella Boii

    Giorno fa

    Imagine Dragons goes hard as fuck now

  72. Benji


    Giorno fa

    Clever ugly as fuck bro but sings good

    • Jose Garrido

      Jose Garrido

      5 ore fa


  73. lllolllipop pop

    lllolllipop pop

    Giorno fa

    My nigga clerver has a voice like me

  74. HybridR24


    Giorno fa

    Didn’t know BRUCE Jenner rapped

  75. Walker Brown

    Walker Brown

    Giorno fa


  76. likwid


    Giorno fa

    These niggas is snitching call em tekashi - NLE Choppa 2019😂😂

  77. Koolaid


    Giorno fa

    bro lookin like lukas graham nigga hhh

  78. michaelnight3


    Giorno fa

    0.28 that 1 cool white friend

  79. bill killem

    bill killem

    Giorno fa

    Garbage TNS

  80. Caleb King

    Caleb King

    Giorno fa

    The pimped out version of Lucas Graham

  81. Sudo


    Giorno fa

    I am seriously anxiously waiting on a clever album. Choppa killed it too.

  82. Manuel Gallardo

    Manuel Gallardo

    Giorno fa

    I can't tell if clever a boy or a chick

  83. C Jizzle BMG

    C Jizzle BMG

    Giorno fa


  84. Geordson Destine

    Geordson Destine

    Giorno fa

    I liked this video bc it’s fire an cuz of the 69 line

  85. Elliot Nyquist

    Elliot Nyquist

    Giorno fa

    All those "JamES ChArlEs LicKed YoU, Like To UndO" comments will disappear forever...😉 Like to Activate 😝

  86. Teltoniet


    Giorno fa

    The NLE Choppa Part is DOPE!

  87. Patrick Silva

    Patrick Silva

    Giorno fa

    Lukas Graham of the rap game lmao

  88. NBA 2KT

    NBA 2KT

    Giorno fa

    He dissed six nine

  89. Faze_Goatedjj


    Giorno fa

    Nle part went hard

  90. Joaquin Perez

    Joaquin Perez

    Giorno fa

    This song raw only because of the chorus. White boy went hard!

  91. King James

    King James

    Giorno fa

    This is the worst shit I heard

    • x420 cbrYTx

      x420 cbrYTx

      Giorno fa

      King James lol your funny u think u got jokes huh ? I heard a lot worse songs lol this song is not one of them.

  92. Esmeralda Ceja

    Esmeralda Ceja

    Giorno fa

    These n****s be snitching I call em tekashi

  93. Diamond Davis

    Diamond Davis

    Giorno fa

    This is how many times clever say b!tch

  94. KNT Media

    KNT Media

    Giorno fa

    Polo G x Clever plz, that will be vocalsss for dayss

    • UNO Fat Bloke

      UNO Fat Bloke

      21 ora fa

      I love clever's vocals

  95. monster man

    monster man

    Giorno fa

    Clever made this track fire

  96. Chase Supon

    Chase Supon

    Giorno fa

    Clever is garbage

    • Jose Garrido

      Jose Garrido

      5 ore fa

      dude his voice is so good what are you saying

  97. Pine Cloods

    Pine Cloods

    Giorno fa

    Clever looking like Gotye from Somebody that I used to know

    • NiqhtSky Gaming

      NiqhtSky Gaming

      18 ore fa

      Pine Cloods maybe that is him

  98. Ty Thibeault

    Ty Thibeault

    Giorno fa

    At 0:46 NLE hit em with the 🏃

  99. duck Gaming

    duck Gaming

    Giorno fa

    Music Video : 20% Condom 10% Fire 60% Middle finger 10% Flexing (Money)

  100. Jesse Perea

    Jesse Perea

    Giorno fa

    Fuck choppa 69 will fuck this bitch ass nigga up

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