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Quando Rondo - New Ones (feat. NoCap) [Official Music Video]

Quando Rondo - New Ones (feat. NoCap)
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A natural talent, Quando Rondo was once a small child, secretly singing in the bathroom as a 9-year-old boy in Savannah, GA. His natural gravitation towards music lead to him to hip-hop; he began recording his fledgling verses on his cell phone. He quickly gained traction online, racking up millions of views on ITchannel.
Fittingly, he titled his 2018 mixtape 'Life B4 Fame' with the hopes that things would change for the better once his career really took off. He was right-within two days, his mixtape had amassed more than one million streams on MyMixtapez. Things will only go up from there, and if the snippets from his forthcoming Rich Homie Quando project are any sign, he’s only only getting better with time.


  1. Yackk


    5 ore fa

    I swear I though this was lil baby wtf

  2. Landen Crandall

    Landen Crandall

    12 ore fa

    In the beginning of the song noCap is off beat

  3. buck from75

    buck from75

    13 ore fa

    Beat and song i like

  4. Josh


    20 ore fa

    Bruh sound like lil baby

  5. No Effort 2K

    No Effort 2K

    Giorno fa

    Lol that was suppose to be 12 ?

  6. YMcNasty


    Giorno fa


  7. Ace Leone215

    Ace Leone215

    Giorno fa


  8. Ace Leone215

    Ace Leone215

    Giorno fa

    .."11 THOUGHT ABOUT KILLING MYSELF..// CAUSE I AINT WANNA TURN12"..!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌 ..That Shit Was Haaaard..!!

  9. LIL MO

    LIL MO

    Giorno fa

    That nigga sound like lil baby

  10. Joker


    2 giorni fa

    Who else thought nocap sound like lil baby 🤚

  11. George Rivers

    George Rivers

    2 giorni fa

  12. JIGGA Hustle Never Stops

    JIGGA Hustle Never Stops

    2 giorni fa


  13. YFN TWAN


    2 giorni fa

    Water deep like Michael Phelps after all this pain i felt 🔥🔥💯💪🏾

  14. Angel hernandez

    Angel hernandez

    2 giorni fa

    Keepp Your Fucken Head Upp No Capp,, We gotta Face Our Demons.!!

  15. Sohail Yasin

    Sohail Yasin

    2 giorni fa

    "everybody round me armed like they aint got no legs" too cold

  16. hoodie jashawn

    hoodie jashawn

    2 giorni fa

    Who else think nocap sound like lil baby

  17. JayNoWayy


    3 giorni fa

    NoCap sound like lil baby

  18. zakol


    3 giorni fa

    2:19 “But A that’s how it B I just ain’t C it in you “ ABC

  19. Sicker ThanAverage

    Sicker ThanAverage

    3 giorni fa

    This my shit

  20. JohnSnow


    3 giorni fa

    Everybody Around Me Armed Like They Ain’t Got No Legs 🦵🏾 🧐🥶🥶 🔥

  21. Jamal Karim

    Jamal Karim

    3 giorni fa


  22. Greenz Kid Musiq

    Greenz Kid Musiq

    3 giorni fa

    No Cap deadass sounds like Lil Baby, no cap

  23. Dae Murka

    Dae Murka

    3 giorni fa

    Idk man rondo just hella awkward in all his vids

  24. Natzu


    3 giorni fa

    “Stuck in the hood this where my niggas died kinda hard for me to move on”

  25. Bleed 2bleed

    Bleed 2bleed

    4 giorni fa

    When u to broke to afford a lil baby ft

  26. elijbenn


    4 giorni fa

    Told em to bear (bear) with me but I lost a couple TEDs (The mf BEAR!)

  27. Kenny Robinson

    Kenny Robinson

    4 giorni fa

    “ if I smoke cigarettes by the pack I still won’t play like it Kool “ 🤧🔥

  28. Dezz Epson41

    Dezz Epson41

    4 giorni fa

    You gotta be 15 years old lil Cuzz.

  29. ツFehsi-YT


    4 giorni fa

    “ Everybody Round Me Armed Like They Ian Got No Legs 🤧 “ Hardest Shit Ever

  30. YTN Hotboi

    YTN Hotboi

    4 giorni fa

    Felt this song

  31. Malika Norris

    Malika Norris

    4 giorni fa

    0:17 close your eyes and think of lil baby

  32. Heem


    4 giorni fa

    Run around wit them same niggas I ain't thinking about hanging with new ones🖤🤞🏾💯

  33. Guwopinese ‘

    Guwopinese ‘

    5 giorni fa

    “Went and got a room with my bitch thinkin will my hoe tell”🔥🔥 yall aint catch dat either 😭

  34. Joe Haggins

    Joe Haggins

    5 giorni fa

    Water deep I should of been Michael after all this pain I felt (Phelps) 🤯🔥🔥Michael...Phelps... 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Zee Ram

      Zee Ram

      Giorno fa

      Joe Haggins I stg bro ... god bless

  35. HipHopGoneViral


    5 giorni fa

    Nayborhoods and Trey's together? Shit I ain't mad at it.. surprised but definitely not mad

  36. Frank White

    Frank White

    5 giorni fa

    I love the vibeS in this video

  37. Travon Moore

    Travon Moore

    5 giorni fa

    like if fire

  38. MC StudiosTM

    MC StudiosTM

    5 giorni fa

    Nigga soundin like LIL BABY

  39. Rai Granger

    Rai Granger

    6 giorni fa

    Last night I couldn’t hear I was too busy thinking bout death ( deaf) 🤯

  40. anthony watts

    anthony watts

    6 giorni fa

    On dogs I thought that was lil baby singing

  41. Flipking 300

    Flipking 300

    6 giorni fa

    I remember when he used to say quando rondo niggga

  42. Tez Gotti

    Tez Gotti

    6 giorni fa

    No cap Kent bazemore looking ass 😂😂😂💯💯🤦‍♂️

  43. B3AMERS


    6 giorni fa

    1:40 killed the whole vibe for me..

  44. Wilson Wilson

    Wilson Wilson

    7 giorni fa

    Who would you rather be 1. Nba youngboy 2. Quando rondo 3. Jaydayoungan 4. Dababy 5. Lil baby 7. Yougan ace 8. Fredo bang 9. Lil tjay 10. Polo g

  45. Ty'jah Williams

    Ty'jah Williams

    8 giorni fa

    I been runnin roun wit them same niggas aint thinkin bout hangin qit new ones if yall never turned on y'all niggas like this

  46. Kennedy Newton

    Kennedy Newton

    8 giorni fa

    This is a good song 😻🤑👪👪

  47. C Marie

    C Marie

    8 giorni fa


  48. itsarii i

    itsarii i

    8 giorni fa

    He sound like lil baby 😭

  49. xXKiller14Xx YT

    xXKiller14Xx YT

    8 giorni fa

    no cap= lil baby

  50. pink girll

    pink girll

    8 giorni fa

    There is a clear correlation between attentiveness and low self-esteem.

  51. Sherry Colbert

    Sherry Colbert

    8 giorni fa

    I don't know why you don't buy new guns and new ones

  52. DreamTeam_KingYT


    8 giorni fa

    No cap sounds like lil baby sub to me😂😂

  53. AJBOOM


    8 giorni fa

    Wish no cap would sound like this more often

  54. Jeremiah Brinson

    Jeremiah Brinson

    8 giorni fa

    2:18 so y’all kno how kicks got soles ? “Threw all of my kick away I got trust issues” hardest bar 😂😂🔥🔥

  55. Jeremiah Brinson

    Jeremiah Brinson

    8 giorni fa

    A that’s how it be I just ain’t c it in you

  56. Jeremiah Brinson

    Jeremiah Brinson

    8 giorni fa

    0:48 “high speed chase bought a room with my bitch wondering would me hoe tell” y’all didn’t catch the bar???

  57. TTV Zuxiiz

    TTV Zuxiiz

    9 giorni fa

    Get me to 10k subs with one video

  58. Hershey B

    Hershey B

    9 giorni fa

    Always thought his name was The Backend Child

  59. AJB


    9 giorni fa

    These two remind me so much of Lil Baby and Gunna, like a younger version of them lol.. crazy resemblance

  60. Fyb Colonel

    Fyb Colonel

    9 giorni fa

    Honestly this whole shit really touched my heart with everything I go through this been on repeat quando I definitely felt that in the beginning no cap I def understand where you comin from y'all keep doin y'all things on Crip🚫🧢♿☝🏽🙏🏽

    • Yo bitch blow me like soupひ

      Yo bitch blow me like soupひ

      7 giorni fa

      Fyb Colonel fuck crip but hold your head up jit it can’t rain forever

  61. Tyriqe Cobbs

    Tyriqe Cobbs

    9 giorni fa

    Want to take a trip to Arizona cuz all I think about is how imma put my hood on🔥🔥

  62. Damien Lua

    Damien Lua

    9 giorni fa

    So slept on,steady slappin this while I chase a bag daily

  63. Marcus Hamilton

    Marcus Hamilton

    10 giorni fa

    Token better than you an he white

  64. SMOKEY


    10 giorni fa

    No cap - No ones ( feat Quando Rondo )

  65. Kevin Williams

    Kevin Williams

    10 giorni fa


  66. x_iMakePlayz_x -

    x_iMakePlayz_x -

    10 giorni fa

    0:43 - 1:10🔥

  67. Taylor Walls

    Taylor Walls

    10 giorni fa

    High speed chase went and got a room with my b****, thinking will my hoe tell (hotel)🔥🔥🔥

  68. HotBoy Qua

    HotBoy Qua

    10 giorni fa

    Ill go dig up dem old rods iain thinkin bout buyin no new guns classic bar

  69. DeizulVevo


    10 giorni fa

    Bih inna thunbnail said walking round w them same stockings i aint think abt getting new ones

  70. Adam Bernal

    Adam Bernal

    10 giorni fa

    “ want to take a trip to Arizona cause all I can think is how I’m gon put my hood on “ 🔥

  71. Baby Glock

    Baby Glock

    10 giorni fa

    Dude sound like lil baby



    10 giorni fa


  73. LilDeeTBG


    10 giorni fa

    Mobile Stand Up💯💯💯

    • doonie mane mane

      doonie mane mane

      8 giorni fa

      It's crazy b ham right next to us but we fawk wit mobile a favorite cuzzin From the A to mobile my 2nd home Atlanta stand behind mobile 100% home

  74. GangstaPlaysMobile


    10 giorni fa


  75. Corey Wiseman

    Corey Wiseman

    10 giorni fa

    Quando Suck This Should Of Just Been Nocap Song

  76. iaam. rayray

    iaam. rayray

    10 giorni fa

    y’all hard kid !🐍❤️❤️‼️

  77. HOT BOII


    10 giorni fa


  78. Longmoneyvick


    11 giorni fa

    Ima just go ahead and say it……that pry where he got pulled over was stupid af

  79. Angel Costales

    Angel Costales

    11 giorni fa

    I thought this nigga was lil baby😂

  80. F Glizzy

    F Glizzy

    11 giorni fa

    Lil baby sounding ass nigga ion even know nobody name “no cap” 😂

  81. Jonathan Shamburger

    Jonathan Shamburger

    11 giorni fa

    251 on the map

  82. jtmoneyplayz


    11 giorni fa

    Water deep I should of been Michael after all this pain I felt [phelt] the swimmer 🥀



    11 giorni fa

    this go hard no cap

  84. Yo Kojis

    Yo Kojis

    11 giorni fa

    “I told em to bear with me but I had lost a couple Teds 🐻” listen 🔥

  85. Mota Vated

    Mota Vated

    11 giorni fa

    Wanna take a trip to ARIZONA 💯

  86. fredericmboyam 1

    fredericmboyam 1

    11 giorni fa

    Like if no cap is better than 69

  87. Erik Morley

    Erik Morley

    11 giorni fa

    Running round with the Same n*ggas, Ain't thinking bout Hanging with New One's!! 💥🤟

  88. T B

    T B

    11 giorni fa

    LIL BABY and gunna super sayain 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  89. Point Guard

    Point Guard

    11 giorni fa

    1:50 say dawg in the back dont look like what a happen if you give yo GTA character a high top fade🤣🤣 be walking around looking crazy and shit😭😭😭💀💀

  90. DoneTrappin


    12 giorni fa

    Y’all can’t cap its feat. Quando Rondo they both went hard tho 🙌🏽💯

  91. Crippybre gyal

    Crippybre gyal

    12 giorni fa

    Quando rondo first 2 verses made him legendary 🗣💪👉👉nobody thought of that 💙💚

  92. FLamegAnG 400KOD

    FLamegAnG 400KOD

    12 giorni fa

    Dopeeee asf

  93. Da Melii

    Da Melii

    12 giorni fa

    Highspeed chase went and got a room wit my bitch thinking would my Ho-tell (hotel)🔥🎶

  94. Donavan Johnson

    Donavan Johnson

    12 giorni fa

    This ugly ass nigga trying so hard to be lil baby

  95. Wavy visionz

    Wavy visionz

    12 giorni fa

    Water deep I should’ve been micheal after all this pain I felt (Phelps) 🔥🔥🔥

  96. Tadiwa _03

    Tadiwa _03

    12 giorni fa

    NoCap already a goat

  97. Casual Weird

    Casual Weird

    12 giorni fa

    is that what you call rap in these days?

  98. ipkurmom


    13 giorni fa

    Whoever thumbs down is ops😂

  99. YT_XBuToNBrOkEn 123

    YT_XBuToNBrOkEn 123

    13 giorni fa

    “Imma put this glock to work just pray to god it get off”🔥😈 tell me why this a fyee song but he sounds like lil baby👇🏽

  100. daedae huncho

    daedae huncho

    13 giorni fa


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