Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


  1. Chatnoir 77888

    Chatnoir 77888

    3 ore fa

    1:23 Is that Lando?

  2. cade8300 cade8300

    cade8300 cade8300

    3 ore fa

    Nothing is ever really gone. *_distance_* *GREEDO NOISES*

  3. John Davisson

    John Davisson

    3 ore fa

    so is jar jar going to be in it or what?????

  4. Darry


    3 ore fa

    0:00 close your eyes.........

  5. alberto032973


    3 ore fa

    Awesome that star wars trailer should princess leia

  6. robbitIzx


    3 ore fa

    looks awesome!

  7. alberto032973


    3 ore fa

    Yeah Lando is back

  8. alberto032973


    3 ore fa

    Looks awesome

  9. StickyWolf


    3 ore fa

    Who else gets goosebumps when they hear Palpatine

  10. Braden Burnett

    Braden Burnett

    3 ore fa

    Btdubs the laugh is from Return of the Jedi

  11. T -Series

    T -Series

    3 ore fa

    First ten seconds I was thinking that this wasn’t Star Wars,I wonder why I thought that?🤔

  12. Michel TRAN

    Michel TRAN

    3 ore fa

    How to kill a franchise by Disney ... I hate this sequel full of sh...

  13. Guido A secas

    Guido A secas

    3 ore fa

    Wacala, horrible

  14. Pablo Chavez

    Pablo Chavez

    3 ore fa

    New theory just came to mind!!! What if palpatine is reys father? And he made anakin's light sabre call to her because he wants to manipulate her as he did anakin. Because you know palpatine was always after a strong apprentice.

  15. Superior McCowin

    Superior McCowin

    3 ore fa

    Luke: No one's ever really gone... Stan Lee: True Tupac: True Peter Parker: True

  16. athansky25


    3 ore fa

    Fold Space: force ability, allows a Force wielder teleporting from one space-time to another while duelling. (Jedi Academy) 🙋🙋🙋

  17. Juan Jose

    Juan Jose

    3 ore fa

    The theme is perfect for the teaser. Tribute for the Skywalker princess..

  18. ميم ميم

    ميم ميم

    4 ore fa

    What this name film

  19. Viciouss


    4 ore fa

    Regardless of outcome, John Williams always delivers

  20. Kartboarder22G


    4 ore fa

    Props to John Williams, this is one of those weird trailers that gets better every viewing!

  21. opollo


    4 ore fa

    Oh dear more Disney rubbish, let's see how far they mess this one up. Let's see if it can be just as worse as 1,2,3,7 & 8.

  22. PAC MAN


    4 ore fa


  23. Snowblade


    4 ore fa

    We need a abeloth introduction in this... My God many will scream like a little child if they bring her into all of this.

  24. Kartboarder22G


    4 ore fa

    Rey is Solo's daughter!

  25. Ry Guy

    Ry Guy

    4 ore fa

    Me: I'm hyped!! Trailer: This Christmas Me:

  26. Tactician Magician

    Tactician Magician

    4 ore fa

    Sad that the trailer hasn't gotten more views I'd have thought it'd reach 52 million by now

    • The Ridiculous Otaku

      The Ridiculous Otaku

      3 ore fa

      not even TFA or TLJ reached 53 million in that amount of time lol

  27. SuperDuperBoy/SDB


    4 ore fa

    here before 25,596,552 views.

  28. OverLubed


    4 ore fa

    Parents: don’t run with blades kids Rey:

  29. Elios Yun

    Elios Yun

    4 ore fa

    Nobody : Palpatine : AHAHAHAHAHAHA

  30. Magoo Gameing

    Magoo Gameing

    5 ore fa

    lame, wasting my money on this garbage

  31. Jack Prosper

    Jack Prosper

    5 ore fa

    Ah, The Rising of Sword Hero, a classic!

  32. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith

    5 ore fa

    I think the most exciting thing about this movie is that once it comes out, they'll have to make a new "Lego star wars: the complete saga" game.

    • Michael Smith

      Michael Smith

      3 ore fa

      +The Ridiculous Otaku wait really?

    • The Ridiculous Otaku

      The Ridiculous Otaku

      3 ore fa

      already confirmed

  33. Cypsmen


    5 ore fa

    Nice !

  34. Gardens with Rivers underneath

    Gardens with Rivers underneath

    5 ore fa

    Movies these days are trash

  35. Lochlan Ferguson

    Lochlan Ferguson

    5 ore fa

    one last trial of suffering

  36. Jerry Jones

    Jerry Jones

    5 ore fa

    Episode 7 was a remake (deathstar), and the plot didn't make much sense. For example: where did those grey colored storm troopers come from? didn't the Rebels triumph in Episode 6? how come they're on the run again? Episode 8, er... where the heck did that Ogre sith-leader come from? Was great to see the old characters from the original 3 episodes and great special effects in the past 2 parts, however, overall it's thumbs down to all of Disney's Star Wars films to date. Should have left the series alone, but hey, Star Wars are where the big bucks are so I'm sure to see Episode 10 in a few years time.

  37. مهند حسين

    مهند حسين

    5 ore fa


  38. your friendly neighborhood minifigure

    your friendly neighborhood minifigure

    5 ore fa

    Me after watching this trailer: "I've got a really good feeling about this"

  39. Cormac


    5 ore fa

    Princess Leia’s theme😭😍

  40. arsalan ramezani

    arsalan ramezani

    5 ore fa

    Im sorry im missunderstanded .... so is this gonna be the last movie of star wars series ? I mean is it the 9th one ?

  41. gabes crazy

    gabes crazy

    5 ore fa

  42. موسى الفتلاوي

    موسى الفتلاوي

    5 ore fa

    ابداع 💪💪

  43. Andrew Allen

    Andrew Allen

    5 ore fa

    These are bad movies. I challenge everybody to not see this one as much as you might want to as a fan. Disney will never make original, creative films within this franchise if you don't draw the line somewhere. "No one's ever really gone." Fan service. Mediocre slop. Resist the hype machine.

  44. The Benyas

    The Benyas

    5 ore fa

    Not sure what to think considering Palpatine being alive makes Vader's sacrifice worthless.

    • nicg1883


      5 ore fa

      They don't care they just want your money. Up to you if you give it to them.

  45. Guba


    5 ore fa

    so, rey's a skywalker

  46. Megalon73


    6 ore fa

    I still wish they have given Rey a Green Lightsaber. Cause the Blue is getting overrated.

  47. Devestator Clone Productions

    Devestator Clone Productions

    6 ore fa

    No one is ever really gone... Meesa back!

  48. ProjectsSpiel 182

    ProjectsSpiel 182

    6 ore fa

    To me this is just fan fiction at this point.

  49. Shane Korn

    Shane Korn

    6 ore fa

    ok let's make up for the last jedi....cmon Abrams

  50. 5 Days A Stranger, The Remake

    5 Days A Stranger, The Remake

    6 ore fa


    • Thomas Bludis

      Thomas Bludis

      3 ore fa


  51. ThunderPunch23


    6 ore fa

    *Saga has come to an end* "My lord is this......the end?" Palpatine: "I'll make it the end."

  52. Lord Dankington

    Lord Dankington

    6 ore fa

    Star wars episode 9 rise of the retcon

  53. Kaloyan Filipov

    Kaloyan Filipov

    6 ore fa

    Oh boy the hype is real!

  54. Aidan Byrnes

    Aidan Byrnes

    6 ore fa

    I know last jedi isn't good, but i can't help it, i'm too excited for the end of the skywalker saga

  55. mooncoyote asmr

    mooncoyote asmr

    6 ore fa

    Erm! Not till Christmas?!

  56. GenesisFacet SatoRGW

    GenesisFacet SatoRGW

    6 ore fa

    This looks good and all.. but can we please do something with the tilted tray. Like a password or something.. maybe a weighted blockchain?

  57. Tel-Ash The Juice Knight

    Tel-Ash The Juice Knight

    6 ore fa

    A friendly reminder that Disney is a shitstain.

  58. Jesters Dead

    Jesters Dead

    6 ore fa

    Yet another steaming turd from Disney...................

  59. James Davis

    James Davis

    6 ore fa

    Why are they calling it the end of the Skywalker saga? This whole trilogy has been about Rey. None of this makes any sense whatsoever.

    • broken empires

      broken empires

      6 ore fa

      Because consumer testing at Disney is showing that nobody cares about Mary Sue and her rainbow gang of friends. So by using all these callbacks to the original trilogy, they hope to trick consumers into thinking this could actually be a quality product. Simple as that.

  60. Nahuel Ruda

    Nahuel Ruda

    7 ore fa

    Play the Final Fantasy VII Intro and it'll line up with the trailer.

  61. Barry Selfon

    Barry Selfon

    7 ore fa

    Only 25 million in a week.

  62. Elliot Collins

    Elliot Collins

    7 ore fa

    Man, she got hotter with age😍

  63. Mr Frosty

    Mr Frosty

    7 ore fa

    lando scene and palpatine laugh gave me goosebumps



    7 ore fa

    palpatine : No, I am your father

  65. Ninin P

    Ninin P

    7 ore fa

    1:47 bendy is going to return to the studio

  66. ramserenity


    7 ore fa

    *yawn* Oh look!! It's lunch time. Will continue watching this later

  67. Jaime M

    Jaime M

    7 ore fa

    Another desert planet?

  68. TheBigFryBag SFX

    TheBigFryBag SFX

    7 ore fa

    Rey is a clone of the Emperor and the person flying that ship is a clone of herself! SPOILERS!!!

  69. M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    7 ore fa

    Luke: No ones ever really gone Anakin: I don't like sand

  70. Jared Plotts

    Jared Plotts

    7 ore fa

    I think this will be the season Ross and Rachel finally hook up!

  71. MiraKuru


    7 ore fa

    please apply bazelgeus soundtrack

  72. Albert MR

    Albert MR

    7 ore fa

    That was a cheap move

  73. Anibal A. Morales Sanchez

    Anibal A. Morales Sanchez

    7 ore fa

    Can't wait NOT to see this one either.

  74. xMentor mentor

    xMentor mentor

    7 ore fa

    5ft 100 pound small female with practically no training = the most powerful jedi ever? stop with the feminism PLEASE!!!!

  75. Brian The Person

    Brian The Person

    8 ore fa

    What if Rey doesn't have any parents? What if she was created from midichlorian manipulation and Palpatine was responsible for it, which is why we can hear is sinister chuckle? Palpatine may have learned how to create life from Darth Plagueis' which is why Rey is force sensitive, but instead stumbled upon Ben Solo.

  76. Riley Cunha

    Riley Cunha

    8 ore fa


  77. Dire Wolf

    Dire Wolf

    8 ore fa

    Will this ever end??

  78. Joar


    8 ore fa


  79. Tim FromLA

    Tim FromLA

    8 ore fa

    So Jar Jar is still around?

  80. Doctor Ragnarok

    Doctor Ragnarok

    8 ore fa

    1:47 Generations will forever be haunted for this moment.

  81. Pepsi is better aka Justin Newton

    Pepsi is better aka Justin Newton

    8 ore fa


  82. Larkin Paculan

    Larkin Paculan

    8 ore fa

    That laugh at the end could be General Hux.

  83. Blu East33

    Blu East33

    8 ore fa

    I'm sort of confused and don't know much about Star Wars but.... Doesn't Palpatine being alive defeat the purpose of Anakin being the 'Chosen One' whose destiny was to bring peace to the world and balance to the Force from the tyranny of the evil empire that was being ruled and guided by the Sith Lord? In other words the whole saga from episode 1 to 6 means nothing of the sort? Can a Star Wars expert enlighten me on this.

    • The Ridiculous Otaku

      The Ridiculous Otaku

      3 ore fa

      there was Balance... it's just not permanent... it's like a cycle where darkness rises and the light to meet it. also Vader's arc was about showing that love triumphs over evil by betraying the emperor for his, the chosen one part is extremely vague and is only negated if you completely agree that he was the Chosen one.

  84. Diego Lopez

    Diego Lopez

    8 ore fa

    Palpatine yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssssssss

  85. KnucklesXAkiza


    8 ore fa

    “Every Generation has a Legend” The same quote from The Phantom Menace trailer (1999).

    • Crusty Beans

      Crusty Beans

      3 ore fa


  86. Contoir


    8 ore fa

    Did I just see Landon calrission

  87. Greg Cerda

    Greg Cerda

    8 ore fa

    THE LAST JEDI: "No Star Wars film could ever alienate & divide the Fanbase, like ME!!!" THE RISE OF SKYWALKER: "Hold My Beer,...."

  88. Julia Auras

    Julia Auras

    8 ore fa

    does luke really say 'this is your fight'? I somehow always understand FIND.

    • sy hmd

      sy hmd

      7 ore fa

      Hallo julia

  89. PatchCornAdams723


    8 ore fa

    Should have just put up a picture of some fecal matter, to represent what you have done to the franchise after digesting it and excreting it.

  90. TWIN4LIFE twin

    TWIN4LIFE twin

    9 ore fa


  91. My life style Channel

    My life style Channel

    9 ore fa


  92. Prof. Lindenbrook

    Prof. Lindenbrook

    9 ore fa

    What, another movie with a female heroine? Yawn -that's so 2016. (She should be home making babies and being a home-maker. Now THAT would be edgy!)

  93. Clayton Adams

    Clayton Adams

    9 ore fa

    1:16 why didnt that guy get cut in half like darth maul????

    • The Ridiculous Otaku

      The Ridiculous Otaku

      3 ore fa

      Thicc armour

  94. ToyCandyEggSurpriseZ


    9 ore fa

    anyone else notice the force awakens 1st teaser and this one both have 25mil.. that is impressive...most impressive.

  95. Uchenna Okorie

    Uchenna Okorie

    9 ore fa

    90% of comments: No one is ever really gone 10 of comments: Actually about the movie

  96. Cody Schlenker

    Cody Schlenker

    9 ore fa

    The ONLY reason I will watch this movie is because JJ Abrams is directing and George Lucas is writing. But I won't watch it in theaters. Probably will just watch it in ITchannel.

    • The Ridiculous Otaku

      The Ridiculous Otaku

      3 ore fa

      +James DavisGeorge is supervising in IX

    • James Davis

      James Davis

      6 ore fa

      It says that he's the story writer, but no one knows what happened during filming. J.J. Abrams is the director. He has full control over everything. Abrams has to listen to Kathleen Kennedy as well. This is why so many people don't have hope for Episode IX.

    • Cody Schlenker

      Cody Schlenker

      6 ore fa

      +James Davis it says that he's the story writer. Are they lying? Wouldn't that be illegal to use his name if he isn't actually writing it?

    • James Davis

      James Davis

      6 ore fa

      George Lucas had absolutely nothing to do with this sequel trilogy. Don't believe everything you read. They didn't listen to any of his ideas for Episodes VII and VIII, and they sure aren't listening now.

  97. Dzian Kolack

    Dzian Kolack

    9 ore fa

    What if Palpatine is Skywalker? After all, the new comics confirmed that Palpatine used to force to make Anakins mom get pregnant. There was no father.

  98. Cletus The Fetus

    Cletus The Fetus

    9 ore fa

    What the frick I was looking for the rise of sans

  99. Hazy Glazed

    Hazy Glazed

    9 ore fa

    Anyone else more worried than they are “hyped”?...

  100. Thomas Shaw

    Thomas Shaw

    9 ore fa

    I see Disney's attempt at destroying the star wars franchise is working.

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